Top 5 Web Development Nightmares & How to Avoid?

web development nightmares

From static HTML websites to dynamic web applications, the word web development has grown by leaps and bounds and so are the challenges for web developers. Be an amateur or a seasoned web developer but once you get on with this field, you are bound to face these 5 web development nightmares and trust me there is no escape.

5 Web Development Night-mares that every Programmer will go through

    • I would like to call this an after cleaning process, do you know why?
    • Suppose you have just joined a new organization and your first task will be to clean-up the mess of the one you had just replaced. So, what possibly could go wrong here?
    • You have a code, which is,
      • i. Lengthy
      • ii. Complex
      • iii. Bug-ridden
      • iv. Illegible
    • Ok, maybe you have that will to face such challenges but wait; I forgot to tell you the worst part of it. There is NO proper documentation!!! How worse can this be for a web developer?
    • The Challenge (Actual): You have to go through every line of the code, think in a way the other developer was thinking and be done with the task.
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    • After toiling for a whole day, you finally fixed the bug that was giving you sleepless nights, but wait; there is a surprise for you. Now look below and see what exactly I’m trying to tell,
    • Action 1: You hit compile 1 Error Fix It
    • Action 2: You hit compile again XXXXXX Errors
    • I think every web developer would have faced this frustrating situation.
    • Cause?
    • Yes, what could be the possible cause for this?
    • Maybe the new library you used may have some conflicts with your code.
    • Solution?
    • Use Git, so what is this Git?
    • A free, open-source tool, Git is the most popular version control system used. Around the world, developers are able to work collaboratively on the software projects due to Git.
    • Now you know the benefits of Git, so utilize it to manage the revisions and do not forget to prepare a proper documentation.
    • Again, is there anything worse that can happen to a web developer?
    • It’s a situation, where he can blame no one but himself. Not making time to backup the files can cost web developers a lot in terms of time, energy, or maybe even a client.
    • So, how to save yourself from such unfortunate situations?
    • Use, Dropbox, Time Machine, and OneDrive to backup important data and files
    • OS X users can go with Time Machine; while for the users having Windows OS can enable the backup and restore options from control panel.
    • A client wants IE6 support, can you do anything apart from cursing your stars?
    • It’s the most time-consuming and energy draining task to make website and applications work on IE6. But does why every developer finds it hard to bring that compatibility between IE6 and applications? It’s a million dollar question, right?
    • Because IE6 does not properly support the CSS version 2.
    • Solution:
    • Web developers can go with browser sniffing, perform CSS hacks, or add conditional comments to create compatibility between the web applications and IE6.
    • Challenge: Find the bug, where is the bug?
    • You have been searching for hours, for days but you are not able to find that tricky bug which is stopping from completing your task.
    • Learn these few tips and tricks and find the bothering bugs in no time.
      • i. Prior to testing understand the module completely
      • ii. Come up with good test cases
      • iii. Repeat the tests in different test environments
      • iv. Prepare different result patterns and compare them
      • v. Utilize standard test cases
    • Message: Don’t let a bug break you.

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