How to Promote Your Business on Social Media?

business on social media

Businesses are using social media by larger percentage because,

  • 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook
  • Internet users has grown by 10% in 2016, up 354 million compared to 2015
  • 81% of Gen Y check Twitter at least once in a day

The list of social media platforms has kept on growing and a decade back any new social media platform was launched, there was skepticism and most of them I believe even ridiculed their being.

But today, from start-ups to multinational corporations everyone is using social media platforms for promoting their business. They say a simple email is not sufficient because they need a wider channel to balance their business in this over-powering competitive market.

We have millions of active users spread across various social media platforms, but which platform does your target demographics use the most?

Yes, investing on every available social platform is not a smart move. So check into that before you pick up the social media networks for your business.

Here are few tips to make your business successfully engaging for your customers.

4 Brilliant Methods for Promoting Business on Social Media Platforms

    • Social media platform is a generalized term and people, you can find them like a swarm of bees, but how many of them will actually do a conversion? Yes, it definitely matters.
    • Reach people who only matter for your business. But how to do that? Like precisely if I have to ask?
    • Heard about Geotagging? No? Well, what about metadata?
    • First, we will know about metadata. Metadata describes the individual pages of a website. The main components of metadata are page title (title tag), Meta description (snippet), headings, and content. Each of these component guides the search engine reach your website.
    • Geotagging is the process of adding/tagging geographical information (latitude and longitude coordinates) to the websites, images, tweets or anything that you post online.
    • Through geotagging, you will give your customers the location-specific information about your business. So, how to add this geotag?
    • Simple, enter the coordinates of your area; here the numbers will represent that specific location on the Google maps.
    • The online behavior of your target customer group, well, have you been studying it?
    • Should I go with Facebook? Twitter? Or, Pinterest? Hmmm, which is your best bet? Narrowing down to few social media outlets will definitely get you the best return on investment. Identifying these platforms is very crucial and how you do it?
    • Do it by,
      1. Identify your audience
      2. Define your objective
      3. Find your audience (the platform)
      1. Logo & Tagline
      2. Images
      3. The ‘about us’ description
    • A brand with unique personality and identity, customers will definitely recognize and follow. Maintain the logos, colors, and layouts consistently across all the platforms and make it easier for your consumers to follow you faithfully.
    • Choose any social media platform you want, but make sure that you are always with your audience.
    • The conversation should be mutual, now, what does it mean?
    • People like asking questions and they definitely expect an answer, so dodging them is the most unprofessional thing that you can do.
    • Participate with your customers on Google Hangouts, Twitter chats or any other platform and earn their trust before telling them ‘BUY MY STUFF’.

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