How to launch a small business on Instagram?

business on instagram

Designed for sharing photos and videos, Instagram is one of the most popular, interactive social networking apps. Users here can have the actual count of the number of followers. Instagram is trending and considered a pretty straightforward app, say; you will actually find it pretty similar to Facebook and Twitter, cool Nah? Small businesses and why even the Fortune 500 companies are using social networking platforms for developing their business. So if we contemplate the popularity of Instagram, it can certainly be one of the best options for launching a startup or small business.

Why is Instagram the best platform for launching a Small Business?

  • There are 8 million registered Instagram business profiles.
  • In March 2017, over 120 Instagram users learned about a business based on an Instagram Ad. (Source: Wordstream)
  • 70.7% of US organizations utilize Instagram for marketing their business.
  • 80% of Instagram users are from outside the United States.

Tips to Successfully Launch Small Business on Instagram

    • The best way to have real-time feedbacks about your business concept is to include the Instagram users in Beta testing. Having valuable inputs at the early stages of development will give you a better window for launching your business.
    • Engage authentically with your audience group and tailor your ideas according to their recommendations and thereby you will definitely earn their trust for your brand.
    • So what did we learn from this?
    • The best way to succeed on Instagram is to implement whatever good things we can find from the valuable feedbacks.
    • If you are planning to do business through Instagram make sure that you have filtered your marketing campaign only to that platform. In simple words, your followers should be directed to your Instagram account for having a better picture about your products and services.
    • A business launch date is very crucial, so drive every bit of traffic to your Instagram account and make sure it is not divided between other social networking platforms.
    • More than a sizeable presence, your Instagram account should be visually appealing to your target audience. For instance, make sure that the posts are coming with brand-centric hashtags and user-generated content. The marketing campaign that you adopt should help you create a community around your brand.
    • In short, your Instagram feed should be more than good, it should be amazing. A theme that is tuning with the ideas; bold and beautiful images that are adding life to your concept should suffice. Once your followers are impressed with your Instagram feed, they will definitely follow your brand.
    • Do you know why we have to use Instagram hashtags?
    • Because it is the best way to grow your Instagram account. A good combination of hashtags can make your brand more visible to your target audience. Hashtags come in different types, in accordance to the audience.
    • hash tag
    • So what does your small business actually demand?
    • If you want to extensively campaign about your business, then go for branded hashtags that include a tagline, your company name, products, and services.
    • Else, if you want to grow your community, where the focus will be on a particular subject then use community-oriented hashtags.
    • ‘It takes a time to be a success, but time is all it takes’. A beautiful quote that clearly defines that success won’t happen overnight. So, be consistent, respond to comments, and bring in ideas for building a better community around your brand and for having measurable likes.