Why Is It Important to Keep Your Website Information Updated

importance of keeping website information updated

To maintain brand image, Services, Products, Brochures, Stats, Product Images should be constantly updated.
Updating your website should be a routine, periodical affair. The transition from a transactional ecosystem to a relationship based ecosystem, means that your website will be an important interface for users. Outdated statistics, old content and imagery that does not actually reflect your business are all areas that negatively impact a business. However, the single biggest reason that builds a case for updating content is indexing. The frequency of web crawlers visiting your site hinges on the frequency with which you update your content. This gives you an opportunity to get ranked higher and fix issues that prevented you from ranking higher. Here’s a look at compelling reasons for frequent updates of statistics and photos.

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  1. Maintain factual accuracy – Barring a few exceptions, most businesses are bound to share numbers in multiple webpages. These numbers are certainly not going to be the same forever. Some numbers may pertain to a case study which reels off statistics regarding a client. Hosting incorrect information about a client to showcase solutions will certainly not help your business relationship with clients. The numbers on your websites should always be periodically updated, that will help maintain factual accuracy.
  2. Image relevance – Most businesses typically resort to the use of stock images when building sites. This could be mainly due to the need to get the site up and running within a timeframe, and this could also be due to a lack of sufficient images for posting on the site. However, after a period of time, it is important for websites to post images that are relevant. The availability of relevant imagery over a period of time needs to fully utilized to update existing images.
  3. Indexing by web crawlers – Search engine web crawlers visit websites that refresh content frequently and add new pages. This helps nudge rankings higher and most importantly fix issues that could have been the obstacles for higher page rankings. It is necessary to update pictures, change the statistics on your site, and add fresh content with additional download options. This will bring the web crawlers to your site more frequently, helping your site to improve rankings.

Businesses need to get one aspect right when updating content. The updates should not be for the purpose of updating alone, but should help add value to the website. Only if the updates add real value to the content and users will it be of significant help in improving business outcomes.

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