Tips to make your website or blog sell

website or blog sell

People need a cash cow, a selling machine and not some showpiece that would just exhibit their online business. Well, I’m speaking about a website here. Taking space online doesn’t come cheap. There is no alternative to purchasing a domain name or paying for the web hosting.

Maybe a decade back having a website was a trend, but today things have definitely transformed. People expect to gain something better just with the fact that their business is online.

The diversification of doing a business has given birth to millions of websites. Similar businesses and the same mode of approach, the competition is just accelerating and somewhere the question ‘how to make the business standout’ always looms around. The word ‘business’ can be considered synonyms with the term ‘website’.

It does take a lot to make a simple website into a cash rolling machine. Also today, blogging is not just a hobby; it’s an effective online marketing practice.

In this post, we will look into few tips and tricks that will give website better option to monetize.

For the record, monetization happens only when people visit your website, and one should definitely give a good reason for them to visit your website.

3 Proven Techniques to generate income from a Blog or Website

  • Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense)

    • PPC ads are the sponsored ads that appear on top of the search engines and helps in bringing measurable traffic to the websites.
    • Deconstructing the concept–
    • Basically, the search results appear through two ways, paid and organic (non-paid). PPC comes under the former.
    • So how does your website gain from PPC?
    • Google Adsense is all about earning money. You provide space on your website for the ads that are created; once the ad is clicked you will be paid for that.
    • Your website acts as a medium between the ads that are to be displayed and the visitors. Potential customers only if they click these ads, you will be paid with the commission. So basically, your website need not have products to sell but just have to act as a publisher for the products and services.
    • By the way, do you know Google earns the same way, through Google Adwords? The ads will be displayed on the search engine result pages (SERP), where the Google will be paid if an ad is clicked.
  • Affiliate Marketing

    • Whether you have a blog or website, it doesn’t matter unless it is making some decent profit to cover the basic expenses of hosting a website.
    • How does affiliate marketing work?
    • Affiliate marketing works on the principle of pay-for-performance basis.
    • The major difference between Google Adsense and affiliate marketing is the ‘click factor’.
    • That means, the ad publisher will not be paid just based on clicks, but only if a lead is generated or sale is completed.
    • Maybe a simple, straightforward explanation will suffice
    • Affiliate marketing is
      • – Linking your website or blog to the merchant product.
      • – If any visitor clicks on the product link they will be directed to the product page of the merchant website.
      • – If the visitor proceeds and completes the checkout process, you will be paid commission for promoting that product.
    • Affiliate marketing is a very straightforward process; promote for conversion and earn the commission.
    • Now, how to find the products?
      • – Survey the market.
      • – Choose your niche for affiliate business (the industry).
      • – Pick the product based on its cost, popularity, and of course the commission rate.
  • Sell Ad Space

    • As the name itself, you are straight away selling the space for publishing an ad on your website.
    • Have you heard about BuySellads?
    • Buysellads is an advertising marketplace that brings together publishers and advertisers on a single platform. Selling ad space is a pretty straightforward approach, where you get paid on the number of visitors that you get.
    • How to make sure that Buysellads approve your site?
      • – The website should have a clean layout.
      • – Should be updated with fresh content.
      • – The website should have less than 100k Alexa ranking.
      • – The website should have a custom domain name (.com/.net).
      • – The website should not have any restrictive content (adult).
      • – The website should be resonating with the specified niche (if specified).