SEO Tasks that can be Outsourced

Your websites are not responding to search engines, and then what could be the possible question that may arise? Are the SEO techniques effective? Let’s not get deep into that for now. I can understand and definitely everyone will understand as it is not some fundamental task that can be done in spare time. Literally speaking, by outsourcing you will definitely have someone who can spare some good time on your SEO tasks.

If you don’t want to outsource, the only option you are left with is to have a team of expert in-house SEO resources, which is quite expensive and burdensome. The only welcome option left is the former one, which is to outsource.

Why do you need to Outsource?

On the logical side, you can conserve capital, focus on your core business, increase the production rate and reduce the overhead costs, which is actually the first benefit that I specified. One of the other reasons to outsource SEO tasks is your inadequacy to provide your quality time.

Which SEO Tasks to Outsource?

  • Competitor SEO Analysis
    • If you are oiling your eyes day and night to see how your competitor is scoring then you can stop that. Numerous factors should be evaluated to know your stand in the search engines. Outsourcing such tasks to virtual assistants will clearly keep you less anxious.
    • The complete SEO analysis involves a complete survey of inbound links, keyword density, keyword ranking, page ranking (Alexa, Moz, Google page rank), and other technical compliance factors (broken links, 301/302 redirects, 404 errors, and much more).
  • Meta Tag Optimization
    • How to explain search engines about what your website is all about? Now, what is a Metatag? How optimizing a Metatag will help your website?
    • Web pages are made from HTML codes, and Meta tags are the part of these. It is a known fact that HTML code is never visible on an actual content page, but at the backend, it will be for search engines.
    • Once you include relevant keywords in your title and Meta description it means you are making search engines understand what your website is all about. Based on the quality and relevancy of the keywords used your website will be crawled and indexed.
    • Well, you have three ways to explain that and it is through title, description, and keywords. It’s a time-consuming process; I mean it is a job that demands a good amount of dedication and research skills, which will be exclusively provided by your outsourced SEO assistants.
  • Content Optimization & Proofreading
    • ‘Content is the King’, how many times have we heard it? With no option, your organization may have added a good amount of blog posts on the websites but is the quality being maintained. Is the content optimized for search engines? Such questions definitely count and need to be followed effectively.
    • An editor in-house is a good choice but will your capital agree with that? Even if you have seen to the SEO part it is necessary to proof-read the content for quality issues as Google is very particular about it.
  • Finding those Expired Domains
    • How bad you want a good SEO rank? If you are ready to do anything then hire someone to find those EXPIRED DOMAINS.
    • What is the importance of using expired domains? And how actually does it help in SEO rank?
    • Now consider this as a sound SEO advice from my side, if are planning to purchase a domain, go for the expired one. What! Are you being asked to pay on something that is expired? But, why not a new one, what is wrong in that?
    • An EXPIRED DOMAIN with a good record will definitely carry the same authority if utilized. You may take time building your mark on search engines by having a new domain, but the former one guarantees with quicker-results.

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