Best platforms to create your e-commerce website

e-commerce website

E-commerce websites are not just about any website that gives information; it’s about enhancing the online shopping experience for customers.

How to sell online? How to start an e-commerce business? Excitement on one side and confusion on another side, so, why this confusion and about what?

Wait; let me tell you, it’s the confusion about platforms that are used for building e-commerce websites.

What is an e-commerce platform?

‘It is a software application used for building online storefronts, which allows managing the sales and operations of a business.’

I can use a simplified expression for the word platform; well call it as the ‘shopping cart software’.

Top 4 E-commerce Platforms to build a Website

    • Features are unlimited and Shopify makes the best e-commerce platform for building business websites.
    • 100+ professional themes, a built-in payment processing system, 70 payment gateways, multi-language support, email templates, it’s actually very easy to create a customized storefront for your business. E-commerce websites are more than managing web presence; it involves inventory management, traffic report preparation, tax calculation, product organization, and much more. Well, managing each and every one of these tasks is easy because Shopify has every one of those features that will make it happen.
    • Hosting is one of the major concerns in online business, but Shopify has got you covered even in that. With a full-featured content management system, Shopify makes one of the best software solutions for online stores.
    • BigCommerce is easy to use e-commerce platform that comes with incredible features.
    • What are the facts to support that account?
    • One of the main points, you can create a perfect shopping experience for your customers because; BigCommerce is more than just a website builder. It has responsive themes, a powerful control panel, multiple payment gateways, and other marketing features that will help in streamlining your business operations.
    • Online retailers will find BigCommerce a powerful e-commerce software as it gives website the best functionality and appearance.
    • Volusion grows the website popularity in the best way possible, how? Because it has a built-in flash sale tool. So, what’s the big deal?
    • People love discounts and offers and will definitely go for websites that will be promoting as such. The built-in flash sale tool will automatically post the deal of the day or any other limited offers, giving you less work.
    • By the way, do you know what the biggest threat is for an online retailer?
    • It’s the shopping cart abandonment.
    • Shoppers may not mind leaving empty-handed, but can you afford to lose a customer?
    • But how to bring them back or at least remind them about your products? Well, send them a reminder email, because Volusion is giving you that option, great Nah?
    • Are you an independent artist? And any plans to have an online store for promoting your masterpieces? Then think not and don’t go beyond big cartel.
    • Built specifically for artists, Big Cartel allows creating a customized store, where from fonts to images to colors, everything will be decided by you alone. The simple, but great tools such as search engine and order management supports you in running an efficient business.
    • Easy-to-setup, this shopping cart software makes a perfect solution for business of any scale and group.

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