Extensions and Enhance for Magento-Store

Add these Extensions and Enhance your Magento Store

Magento, an open-source, PHP based software is recognized as the best e-commerce platform. And over 2,00,000 retailers worldwide are using Magento as their e-commerce platform. Nowadays, online stores representing businesses should be comprehensive with out-of-box features. And Magento, which by default is developed for an e-commerce platform, provide features that can make an e-commerce website…

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Bootstrap for creating Responsive E-commerce Product Pages

Why should we use Bootstrap for creating Responsive E-commerce Product Pages?

We see millions of website across internet built with various frameworks. But do you know why developers use frameworks for building websites and web applications? Because, they promote code reusability, provide libraries and make the development of dynamic websites very easy. Frameworks are generally open-source, supported by a large community and periodically upgraded to serve…

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