Top 5 Payment Gateway Integration Methods 2018

Top 5 Payment Gateway Integration Methods 2018

The Payment gateway is one of the important service features in e-commerce business sites. In simple words, a payment gateway is a channel between an e-commerce website and the bank through which the credit payments is carried out.

Today, having a secure payment gateway is one of the important marketing strategies and you will be surprised to know that we have a good number of payment gateway integration methods and the challenge is to choose the best one for secure online purchasing and transaction management.

Why Payment Gateway for E-commerce Websites?

The purpose of an e-commerce website is to give customers the privilege to buy products from anywhere, anytime.

But the mobility also has to count even when a customer is making payments, right?

The payment process might have been improvised with a cashless method, but e-commerce websites demand ‘card-not-present’ transactions, which is possible only with the availability of payment gateway feature.

The feature is not only secure but allows processing of credit, debit, and other alternative online payments.

How does Payment Gateway Process Go?

From the moment a customer places an order and proceeds with the final transaction, a lot of secure operations takes place between a payment portal (website) and the acquiring bank (front-end processor).

STEP 1Encryption

The information which is to be sent from customer’s web browser to merchant’s web server is encrypted via SSL (secure socket layer).

STEP 2Authorization Request

The transaction details from merchant’s web server are then transferred to the payment gateway, and then to the payment processor used by merchant’s acquiring bank. This information from payment processor is then sent to the card association (Visa/Mastercard/American Express).

STEP 3Filling the Order

Once the credit card issuing bank receives the authorization request, it is processed and a response code is sent back to the processor. The feedback is then sent to the payment gateway and then to the system, where the cardholder will avail the message (approved/declined). The whole process takes 2-3 seconds and during this time, the merchant fills the order.

STEP 4Clearing the Transactions

Once the transaction is completed, the bank settles the money with payment gateway.

Hoping that you are properly enlightened about the payment gateway concept, let me move on to the actual subject.

The purpose of this blog is to walk you through the 5 best payment gateway integration solutions that should be used in your e-commerce websites in 2018.

  1. PayPal

One of the most prominently accepted online payment gateway solutions; PayPal is used by customers all over the world to make payments for their online purchases.

This online payment processor is easy to set-up and comes with simple customization options. There are no setup fees or monthly fees and a customer can have multiple accounts in multiple categories. Whether you want a business account, student account, or personal account, chose the numbers as you wish.

Paypal is designed to accept international payments as it supports 23 different currency types. However, the user is charged for currency conversions and it differs for each country. The transaction charge between credit and debit card is a nominal 3.9%.

Having PayPal for your e-commerce website is a natural advantage because the customers will not feel hesitant in sharing sensitive details with this brand.

  1. Net

One of the leading payment gateway service providers, Authorize.Net is the most flexible gateway solution designed for both local and online retailers.

This payment gateway solution is not only secured but the most affordable. Easy to integrate, small and medium-sized businesses find it very convenient to use.

One of the important features of Authorize.Net is you can use it as a personalized virtual point sale of system (VPOS). The customer support is free and is offered through email, online chat, and even a telephone. You can even use Apple iOS or Android device, the free Authorize.Net mPOS mobile application will allow you to do so.

  1. Stripe

Accept MasterCard, American Express, Visa, JCB, Diners club card, and why even the Bitcoin directly on your card without any setbacks. No hidden costs or set-up fees, Stripe is truly a flexible solution for e-commerce business websites. This gateway solutions support transactions on-site and guess what? Customers can use any of the major credit cards in the transaction.

Operating on a global scale, Stripe is powering 100,000+ businesses, across every industry.

Note: Stripe is only available only for those merchants present in the US, Australia, Canada, and other European countries.

  1. 2CheckOut

A fully-integrated payment gateway solution, 2Checkout supports 8 different payment forms, 15 languages, 87 currencies, and has networked with over 200 global markets, what else can a businessman running an e-commerce website ask for?

Both merchant and customer are guaranteed total protection against security threat as the gateway solution is PCI security is Level 1 certified.

Also, running an e-commerce business is easier now because 2CheckOut payment gateway solution allows you to integrate with more than 100 online shopping carts and invoicing systems including WP e-commerce, Magento, Shopify, and much more.


  1. Amazon Payments

Amazon payments gateway solution is one of the best features for Amazon customers. People who already have accounts on Amazon website doesn’t have to bother giving their details again.

The person, who is running an online business, will find it easier to convert more customers as it is easier to gain the trust of customers as the name itself speaks.

The features of Amazon Payments are quite similar to PayPal Payments Pro. The proven fraud protection feature makes it easier to convince customers to share their credit details without any second thought.

Amazon Payments guarantee improved conversion rates as it supports different languages and major currencies, giving a better opportunity to reach more customers.

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