Dealing with E-commerce website Cart Abandonment

e-commerce website cart abandonment

Why do customers abandon the shopping carts? Have you ever given a thought about it? Once into the e-commerce business, it is necessary to analyze every moment of your customer as it may greatly affect the bottom line of your business. If you are seasoned business person, the word bounce rate will not scare you I guess. But when you see that your customers are abandoning your website at the last minute of their shopping period, it will surely do.

By the way, there is a vast difference between the way people’s mind works when they are on a particular website. Discussing on the same line we will get to know the difference between bounce rate and cart abandonment in the e-commerce business.

How is Bounce Rate different from Cart Abandonment?

Bounce Rate-

I came, I left, didn’t understand? Then let’s go with a traditional definition,’ it is the percentage of customers who arrive on your website, and leave instantly without performing any sort of action.’

Now the same way, don’t expect a classic definition for shopping cart abandonment, as it does not come with one. Still, let’s go and learn why shoppers get compelled to do such actions.

A common issue in the online retail/e-commerce industry, the potential customers giving cold shoulder to websites has become an unfortunate phase for the latter one. Why is this? What is the reason?

Ask yourself these questions and you will find answers to them.

  • Did the registration/checkout process become too complicated to perform?
  • Have you limited the payment & shipping options?
  • Is the payment option mobile-friendly?
  • Did they find the price of the product unexpectedly high?
  • Are people feeling secure on your website to make the payment?

The list will grow, but I’m pretty sure things can be resolved and you can definitely keep your e-basket away from the cob webs.

Best Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in E-commerce Business

  • Include Trust Signals in Transaction Forms
    • What are trust signals? ‘Norton Secured’, ‘VeriSign Secured’, remember these logos? These are what I call as trust signals. Maximum percentage of customers avoids completing the checkout process without these.
    • A long form to fill and you are asking your customers to give their personal details for buying some product from you. What guarantee do you give/how do assure them about your integrity? Tough, actually it’s tough unless you make them trust you by adding certain things of course.
  • The Progress Indicator on Checkout Pages
    • Have you added? If not, you better do. Don’t overwhelm your customers by keeping them guessing about the number of steps they have to complete before seeing the word ‘Successful’.
    • The main concept of e-commerce is process simplification, compared to brick and mortar store people today prefer to fiddle with their SmartPhone to shop. Why? Of course, they don’t like to burden themselves, so if you are planning to stress them during a simple checkout process, then wave them a goodbye and loose a good point on your growth graph.
    • A (simple) progress indicator looks like this,
    • Shipping Payment Review & Place order
  • Strong Call-to-Action Buttons
    • Failing to add CTAs on checkout pages can be a fatal flaw on your website. CTAs are words that push customers towards doing certain actions. With a well-defined call-to-action button, your customer will neither skip any step nor will abandon the cart from frustration.
    • CTAs are actually connective messages/short messages that customers use to proceed. Not adding them may give your customers a kind of feeling lost, which they definitely not like to experience.
  • Target Abandoners Via Remarketing
    • One should have the nerve to deal with the changing waves of e-commerce business. And once the key factors responsible for cart abandonment are addressed it is good to approach back the lost customers via remarketing.
    • Most of the time, customers “abandon” their basket would get back after a remarketing campaign. We have numerous social media platforms available, so use the best of them and get back your customers.

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