Optimizing your PPC Campaign for Real Estate

PPC Campaign for Real Estate

Number one in Google or at least a place in the below fold of search engine result page, tell me how easy is it for anyone to take one of the spots? It’s not easy. Now, I’ll make the task much tougher for you. If you are in a real estate business, which is one of the dynamic industries, how will you achieve that? And the reality of a real-estate business is you win only if you are a known face. Marketing is the best solution. You take either take SEO or PPC.

One of the disadvantages of marketing for a dynamic market is you will be having a very less time to start organically, so that leaves you with the only option, PPC campaigning.

You will find a good number of benefits running a PPC campaigning.

You don’t have to invest much in terms time, but again, you cannot blindly win PPC ad campaign. There should be good strategies and only then you see some positive results in the market without any scuffle.

Is Paid Search Campaign any different for Real Estate?

Of course, you will find challenges that are quite unique.

#1: Real estate is an extremely local product.

#2: Your potential customers have to be living in that city.

#3: It’s bad for your business if your ideal candidate may have a very long-term lease to serve.

Real estate businessmen have to work a lot and in a smarter way to get some amazing results. Pitfalls and challenges are a part of this industry, but if they can make use of the fast, result generating PPC programs, they will find success in generating more leads.

Tips to Create Better PPC Campaign for your Real Estate Business

TIP #1: Start with Bidding on your Brand Terms

One of the basic things you do in a paid ad campaign or PPC ad campaign is bidding. People say there is no “SECRET SAUCE” to make an SEO campaign work, but in the case of PPC ad campaign you have and that is bidding on (your) branded terms.

Brand bidding involves bidding on branded terms of third-party or the competitors, so when that brand name is entered, your ad will appear and you will be successful in diverting the traffic away from competitor’s website.

Now instead of using some third party brand, you can use your own brand, say ‘XYZ’. Now if a customer types the brand name ‘XYZ’, he’ll be provided all ads related to your ad campaign.

Let’s say you don’t want to bid on your own brand, and then you will be the one at loss, because,

  • Like I said before, your competitors may buy your brand name ‘XYZ’ and might get successful in appearing above your organic listing.
  • Also, if real estate aggregators bid broadly on (your) brand term + city/ state name they are more likely to secure top spot.

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TIP #2: Target Specific Location with Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting or location targeting lets you present your ads to consumers of a certain location. Chances of conversion rate are very high since your ad campaign will be specifically tailored to their needs.

Every PPC platform has this option to target audience according to the location and that includes your state, city, country, or even some small region. The more specific and narrow your PPC ad campaign turns, higher will be the chances to make more customers.

Another benefit of geo-targeting is that you can allocate budget for the best performing location. Hence there will be no reason you spend unnecessarily on locations that ain’t profitable for you.

If you have used the AdWords tool before you should know that there are different targeting options. Make use of each option comprehensively and avoid missing out someone who can be your potential client.

TIP #3: Use Negative Keywords

Negative keyword, the word itself speaks of making a word non-available or unavailable to your customers. The main intention to have keywords is to rank only for those keywords that would give you leads and conversions.

You can also keep control of your budget.

I’ll give you a small example why using negative keywords is important for your PPC campaign.

You have bid for the keyword “Estates for sale”, and you wish to show up if someone wants to look into houses that are up for sale. Now let’s say a searcher types the word ‘Estates’ just to check something, your ad featuring ‘estate for sale’ pops up. The browser may even click on your ad with no intention of buying and this will only increase your campaign budget.

Many city names are similar and unfortunately, you will find that even the community brands are available the same way. Create a list of state and abbreviations and avoid your ad from showing up for different cities or states.

TIP #4: Remove Low-Intent Searchers

Again the same explanation.

If someone is searching a keyword just for gaining knowledge, they are less likely to make a purchase or close a deal.

For every new campaign, you can create a list of negatives that you can apply. For instance, you can start with ‘state negatives’ and along with that there should be ‘craigslist’, ‘tiny’ (for tiny homes), ‘home depot’, and even ‘zillow’.

TIP #5: Use ADD Extensions on your Ad

A typical way to increase your Ads click-through-rate is by using ADD extensions.

ADD extensions allow you provide more/additional information to people like- map for property location, images, titles, phone number, ratings, and even the price.

TIP #6: Use Location Extensions

This is same as I explained before; you need not be a brainer to understand that.

  • The distance between your place and the location.
  • The location’s street address.
  • A clickable tap button.
  • Other information includes – hours, customer ratings, photos, and phone number.

TIP #7: Use Site Link Extensions

By adding site link extensions you can take people directly to any specific page on your website.

If a potential buyer/customer is looking for a place in “Upper Manhattan”, he may be looking for options, a one-bedroom apartment, four-bedroom apartment, one-storey home or even a studio. So if you have site links he will have options to choose from.

Yes, site links are great to improve CTR because they create alternate conversion paths as they allow you customers reach multiple landing pages under the same ad.     

TIP #8: Use Price Extensions

People don’t always look for luxury homes, so when they come across a real estate ad with a range of options they can buy and price of each kind, there is a good chance they will convert.

Also, customers to learn more about your ad campaign need not visit your website; they will find out everything in one glance if you add this extension.

The best example – if you search for cheap flights to Amsterdam, you will get a list flights along with the price. Choosing from the list is much more convenient and time-saving than searching from the website.

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