Maximize your Marketing Campaigns with these Successful Google AdWords Tips

marketing campaigns with google adwords

Straight to the point, Google Adwords is one of the most popular online advertising systems that work under PPC model. Advertisers keep their keyword optimized product and service ads on the search engine result pages. And when a visitor clicks on the ad, Google will be paid commission for each click.

The term ‘paid traffic’ was coined as organizations pay Google to drive traffic to their websites for better ROI.

It’s not just businessmen who are enjoying the benefits, even the search engine giant Google is earning a good share of profit.

According to, Google’s ad revenue from 2001 to 2016 was around 79.4 billion US dollars. The ad revenue clearly depicts search advertising as the most dominant element of the internet marketing.

google revenue ad campaign


But is the Google AdWord marketing campaigning so easy that anyone would just spend money and bring traffic to their websites?

No of course not.

Advertisers have to bid for RIGHT keywords, which browsers use frequently to search for a specific product or service. Better your Google ad campaign is higher will be your quality score, which means you will be paying Google less commission for each click.

ad ranks

Not everyone will be successful, but to get good returns from the marketing campaigns, it is necessary to design quality ads. And Google Ads with low quality score will be penalized.

  • Focus on your AdWords Quality Score
    • The best way to optimize quality score is by using branded keywords along with the modified broad keywords (use + signs).
    • When people search for a product they tend to use both branded and non-branded terms.
    • It’s not a secret that branded terms garner high traffic and quality scores, and the better way you can expand to their search queries is to do as said above.
    • Suppose you are selling a digital watch, to make sure the product is avail to the users even without your brand on board, combine the word digital watch with your brand ‘XYZ’ through a ‘+’ sign.
    • XYZ+Digital+Watch
    • Do this and will see your quality score climb.
  • Make use of Bid Modifiers for Location-Based Targeting in Enhanced Campaigns
    • The best way to enhance your marketing campaign is to enable your geographic-based targeting through ‘bid-modifiers’.
    • Bid-modifiers help particularly when you are remarketing.
    • To mark a successful remarketing campaign, it is necessary to create strategies based on the user base under each area. Through bid modifiers, you can easily adjust the bids in accordance with the areas that are converting well and the one that is not.
    • Let’s say you are selling canoe boats, instead of guessing blindly, have a report on areas that convert more for this product. Set positive bids for highest converting location and increase the success of your ad campaign.
  • Target your AdWord Campaign to Bilingual Consumer Base
    • Language should never be a barrier in your marketing campaigns. English may be the most used language around the globe, and irrespective of that there are numerous other languages that are being equally used.
    • To get your message across every potential customer who may be bilingual, you need to market through more than one language.
    • Irrespective to what version of the search engine you are logged into, say if you are in the United States, if the preferred language setting has been changed to Italian, then you will be offered with ads that are targeted to Italian speakers.
    • It’s a very easy process. Check which is the second most prominent language used and then adjust your language targeting to both English and Italian (if it is) settings and reach the new audience group.
    • If are getting nervous about adding non-English keywords, then breathe, you don’t have to do that.
  • Use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
    • RLSA helps you connect with those customers who left your website without converting. It’s a great way of remarketing campaign to approach the past visitors.
    • Based on the pages your visitors viewed, you will be restructuring your paid ad campaign, recreating the path to purchase for your customers, who would have abandoned the cart at the last minute.
    • This way you can optimize the bids for only those people who had previously visited your website and make sure your Ads are yielding results.