Video Email Marketing for Higher Click through Rates


Take a look at the following statistics. The comScore Report showed that 78% of Internet users watched web video averaging 5.4 hours a month. It also reported a 32% growth of online video ads. Nielsen Online stated that the year-over-year time per viewer was up by 58%. A report from Forrester Research predicted that video advertising will grow to account for one-fifth of European online display ad spending – nearly €1 billion in 2012. Forrester Research also stated in their US Interactive Marketing Forecast 2009 – 2014 that 60% of marketers plan to shift marketing dollars away from traditional channels in favor of interactive marketing initiatives.

All the numbers listed above point to a fast growing trend-that of using video email for marketing. Marketers have also found that incorporating audiovisual content into an email message can help improve audience click-through rates by 2-3 times when compared to the standard click-through rate.

How video email marketing works?

A video has the unique quality that conveys a message through sound and motion, thus creating a more powerful emotional response among viewers. And with video now becoming an accepted part of the web experience, marketers are looking at different ways to use the engaging qualities of video.
A video email involves creating, uploading and sending videos via email messages to your list of subscribers.It generally includes:

  • An email message
  • A thumbnail snapshot of the video (ideally with a hyperlink to the video content)
  • A clear link to the video

Using Video Email Marketing to Get Higher Click through Rates

A recent study by Double Click reported that when video emails were used for direct-response online advertising the click-through rates ranged from 0.4 to 0.74 percent, depending on the online video format. On the other hand, click-through rates for plain GIF or JPG image ads ranged between 0.1 and 0.2 percent. These numbers clearly indicate the advantage of using video email marketing.

Video emails can be used for a diverse range of purposes, including,

  • Product demonstrations
  • Branding presentations
  • Customer testimonials
  • Special announcements
  • Event registrations
  • Holiday greetings
  • Employee training

With people reading lesser than before and becoming more accustomed to TV, video email marketing is the best way to improve your click through rate and generate quality leads.

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