How to Monetize Website Traffic?

Website monetization is the process of converting visitors into currency. Wow! Looks cool, but why do I feel like people are going to find these words a bit complicated? Well, let’s understand this clearly, shall we?

Website monetization is a simple process, where the third-party products are advertised on a website with good traffic.

In simple words – If your website is having the traffic that others crave for, why not cash on it?

There are a good number of credible ways to earn and it’s time we learn and implement them on our popular websites and make some dough.

Solid Methods to Monetize Website Traffic

To start with one of the oldest, ‘still is going’ strong affiliate program.

  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Before we actually dig in for more information, let’s see how the whole process transpires.
    • affiliate marketing
    • Source: seopressor
    • What do you make out from the illustration?
    • Retailers/merchants associate with webmasters (affiliates) to place ads on the latter’s (affiliate’s) website.
    • Affiliate partners (webmasters) make money once a customer does business with the retailers.
    • Affiliate marketing is a pretty straightforward process; you recommend some product or service to the people visiting your website, if they make a purchase, you will be paid commission for each such sale.
    • Affiliate marketing offers one of the best credible chances to make money online and it is definitely not one of those quick-rich-schemes.
    • Where to start an affiliate program?
      • Interactive agency websites,
      • Content-driven websites,
      • Service websites,
      • Reviews and ranking websites, etc.
  • Sell Banner Space/Ad Space
    • buysell ads
    • Making money from online ads have been a hot business, so in the melee, it’s not easy to find an Ad network that pays high or supports direct advertising.
    • But there do is an ad network that fits all these descriptions, BuySellAds.
    • Buysellad is a marketing network that brings independent publishers and advertisers together on a single platform.
    • Concisely, BuySellAd acts as a mediator between a publisher and advertiser.
    • You have a high traffic website, so you sign up to buysellad specifying your niche, website traffic, and of course, the commission you expect.
    • On the other hand, the advertisers who will be looking for online space go through the list of websites that are registered under buysellad and picks a website that fits their niche and budget.
    • This is a direct advertising method; sell some space on your website and get flat payments (no commission policy).
  • Google AdSense
    • Google Adsense Ads
    • An advertisement program by Google, this service is designed for website publishers and works on the basis of per-click or per-impression.
    • How Google AdSense work?
    • Here we will be seeing through as a publisher.
    • Note: You have to install the Ad code into your website.
      • Advertisers should choose the keywords that would be utilized in ads.
      • AdSense spiders compare the ad with the keywords used by browsers.
      • The relevant ads will be displayed on the top and right of the search results.
    • I will take an example; maybe it will make more sense,
    • You have a blog on premium stationeries, so when advertisers provide Google with ads, the search bots look for keyword relevancy between your blog and the ad, based on which the ad will be placed.
    • So, your readers, if they click on these ads, you get the commission.
  • Sponsored Posts, Articles & Reviews
    • What actually is done here?
    • You have a website with great traffic; all you have to do is write the review for the products and publish it along with your blog.
    • Let’s say your blogging website is about the latest gadgets, say Apple?
    • The advertiser, if he finds your website relevant to his product may ask you to write reviews, blog posts or articles for his products and services.
    • By publishing these sponsored contents (Ads, articles) on your website you will earn lucratively as compared to the regular blogging tasks.
    • sponsored review
    • Sponsored reviews, Famebit, Shopstylecollective, and etc are some of the sponsored review networks, and all you have to do is sign up and get associated with the advertisers.