Best Online Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2018


Real estate brokers are having a tough time securing potential customers. As properties are sold online; things have become more dynamic for the new generation expects nothing less than being at a good advantage.

Getting customers has been uphill battle for property owners and real estate agents as the online space has become fiercely competitive. The truth is you need to have solid marketing strategies for this lucrative field. Your real estate marketing ideas should not bite the dust but raise the storm, only then you will flourish in this convoluted field.

Challenges Real Estate Business will face

  1. Keeping up with Mobile Technology
    • Over 36% of the world’s population is projected to use a SmartPhone by 2018.
    • Irrespective of the industry you are working in, if your service is not reaching the mobile users, it’s a complete waste and your digital marketing campaigns will not reap many benefits.
    • The use of mobile devices has increased in the recent years. Smartphones, Tablets, the device numbers are just growing just as its users.
    • Being online is very important today, but a website alone will not help your business. The transition from desktop to mobile devices have taken place a long time ago and not being a part of it will prove tough for your business.
  1. Capturing the interests of Generation Z
    • Gen Z knows digital revolution better than you do. The challenge is how to reach them, capture their interests, and retain them.
    • It is necessary you tick their interests as they are the consumer market of the future.
  1. Adopting Marketing Automation
    • You should familiarize yourself with automated marketing and other machine learning technologies to provide personalized customer service.
    • It’s one of the challenging tasks, business owners of every industry will have a tough time before they completely adopt this new path.

All the three challenges explained here can be effectively addressed if you have a solid online marketing plan. In this blog post, I’ll take you through some of the best marketing ideas and help you in your business development.

Top Real Estate Marketing Trends you should know in 2018

According to NAR 2017 report, 95% of home buyers use the internet to search their dream homes.

  • TREND 1: Get a Real Estate Photographer on Board
    • Real-estate is one of the luxurious sectors and if you are marketing for your business, then plan it right from the beginning.
    • People judge a book by its cover; it’s very true in the case of real-estate business. Realtors should know that out of 100 listings, if their property or condo has to stand out, the picture/image should be captivating. If people do find your image piece appealing, you will be selling your faster and at a better price.
    • Taking pictures from your Smartphone may seem easy, but hiring a professional real estate photographer does give a lot of benefits, you will go beyond good enough for your clients.
  • TREND 2: Conduct 3D Matterport Scans
    • Simple to use, real estate agents have something valuable for their digital marketing campaign. Matterport 3D, all you have to do is link the app to your device (iPad), connect to the network and scan.
    • Customers need not go in-person to look into the property and the best of all you can easily reach the overseas buyers.
    • Since it’s completely automated, you don’t have to do worry about capturing the right corner or something. It will shoot HDR and spin on its own. Once the images are captured, it will be stitched together and produced a virtual tour for the viewer.
    • It’s expensive but you can give online buyers a virtual tour of the property. It’s more powerful and effective than high-quality images and videos. The customers will be easily engaged and making decisions will be easy for them.
  • TREND 3: Ask for Referrals
    • Traditional word-of-mouth referrals work better than intimidating online marketing campaigns. Real-estate businesses of all are the most benefitted through referrals.
    • Assume you have done good work for your clients, but still, they will not help you out until you ask for their help.
    • Get over your fear and grow your business through your clients. If you feel uncomfortable seeking their assistance, you can make it more respectable and enticing by giving gifts and offers for each reference.
    • It’s a small effort and asking for referrals from your client base will not hurt your business, but will be rewarding.
  • TREND 4: Do not forget Email Marketing Campaigns
    • If you are a real estate agent having a large client base, you need to send emails daily or at least once a week.
    • You can make yourself better and get it right; start using drip email automation, schedule emails and send them to as many clients as possible.
    • Your emails should invoke interests, so share market trends, home maintenance tips, local community news, or speak about your new incentive program for reviews and testimonials.
    • Buying property, for most of them it’s a onetime action. But staying connected with old clients will get you more opportunities through referrals.
  • TREND 5: Have a Profile on Zillow
    • Having a strong online presence is important if you are going to start your real estate marketing campaign. Having a profile in Zillow is all you need to do. One of the leading real estate and rental marketplace, Zillow provides prospective buyers with information, and help them connect with the best agents.
    • Having your profile on this website will give you a larger platform to market yourself to the audience.
    • Reviews are the best way to make a deeper connection with the audience. And the reviews available on this website are highly authentic and having a good bio can get you miles.