google app reseller

How to become a Google App Reseller?

The Google Apps Program is extremely popular with about 3,000 new businesses signing up daily. Being utilized by two million businesses it sees over 20 million active users. Google now presents IT solution providers the opportunity to become a reseller for the Google Apps program. To become an authorized app reseller you need to visit…

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Run a Green Business

Choosing to run a green business or ‘going green’, offers you a wide range of benefits. Firstly, your company becomes more attractive to an ever-growing, earth conscious customer base. Secondly, operating a green business is good your business’s bottom line because conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves money. Thirdly, it is absolutely critical…

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Characteristics of a Good Domain Name

It is an established fact that a good domain name is essential for the success of your website. Domain names have often been termed as ‘the real estate property of the Internet’ and making a wise investment in a good domain name can spell success for your online business. So what are the essential characteristics…

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Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

With website traffic being instrumental in generating leads, it has become necessary to boost the number of visitors to your website. While some resort to several ‘black hat’ techniques like spam, website generators, illegal traffic sellers etc., it necessary to remember that resorting to such techniques will result in loss of credibility and traffic. Listed…

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What is Special about Google Real Time?

Google Real Time Search, is a feature provided by Google Search in which search results include relevant real-time information from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!Answers, blogs, news websites, etc. Amit Singhal, a Google fellow who heads Google’s ranking systems and oversaw the development of the new real time search system, defines Google Real Time…

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Multiple Domains – Good or Bad?

The introduction of mini-websites has resulted in a number of providers offering multiple domain hosting, which gives companies the ability to host several sites under one account. While multiple domain hosting gives an account holder the advantage to host multiple domains on a single web hosting account, it proves to be a big disadvantage when…

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