A/B testing- A Course to optimize the Conversion Rates


A/B testing, yes you are definitely going to try-out something and by reading the first two words you probably should have understood by know. But first, what is A/B testing? And how is it related to conversion rates? In this blog we are going to get a detailed explanation for both of these queries.

An Introduction to A/B Testing

With online business in hand, you will certainly implement various strategies, but not every method is cut-out for your organization. Also, it is necessary that each and every move should be made based on user preference. How to find that? Well, A/B testing is the answer.

A/B testing is the process where two different strategies are implemented on a website and compared through their results. Based on the outcome, the best of two are selected. Which works in your favor? In order to find this, A/B is the most reliable option.

Now, a basic question may pop-up, what to test? As an online businessman, the most common aspects which can concern you are the answers.

What should be tested?

Web page elements that are crucial in determining the visitor’s behavior should come under A/B testing. The need for a transition from simple visitors to loyal customers is necessary if you need a better SEO ranking and a favorable ROI.

  • The Call to Action
  • Layout and style of website
  • Landing page Copywriting
  • Form’s Length and Types of Fields
  • Images & Patterns on Product as well as Landing Pages
  • Number of Navigation Links
  • Pricing and Promotional Schemes

Rules between A/B Testing and SEO

Even though A/B testing does not affect SEO, there are few principles that need to be followed to avoid setbacks under SEO.

  • Say No To Cloaking-
    • Sure, it is a one hell of method that can surely bring curse on your SEO rankings. Cloaking is a process where in both Google bot and the visitor are presented with different content. As a result of this approach your website can get demoted.
  • Go with rel= ”canonical” –
    • The above statement implies that you should use a canonical. “Rel = canonical”, also called the canonical link is used for avoiding issues in content duplication. Suppose you are performing A/B testing it is necessary that crawlers should not index your pages that are accessible through multiple URLs.
    • If indexed, your website can be penalized for duplication. This can be avoided if you use the above canonical link only to select the preferred URL.
  • Say yes to 302s over 301-
    • If you do that, then it is the best SEO practice. But, why 302 redirect command and not 301?
    • To explain in simple words it is the choice between temporary and permanent redirection. A page being under A/B testing should not be permanently replaced with a sample page. Yes, it is sure a nightmare and can happen if you opt for 301 redirect command.

To have a commanding power over SEO spot, it is necessary to go with practices that can help you progress.

Every new possible approach always directs to one fact, which is to achieve the bottom line. If we go into the nitty-gritty details about this issue, it is all about the search results. Finally, A/B testing is nothing but attracting more customers, gaining better SEO spot, increasing the conversion rates, and earning favorable ROI.

A/B testing provides you that privilege that can help you better understand your customer preferences. It helps you make a suitable choice that can allow your website to move progressively.