Successful B2B Digital Marketing Tips for 2017


With new opportunities, new challenges are cropping-up making B2B marketing more complex and tormenting. Also, it will be a big win if you manage to successfully go along with the changing search engine algorithms.

These constant changes are to be carefully adopted through proper evaluation. Search engines have never been easier to impress and nor do they in near future. But it is also possible to have a solid mark in the digital landscape if you follow these successful B2B marketing methods.

Top 5 B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Dominating the SERP-
    • There are lots of possibilities through which one can easily dominate the search engine result page (SERP) unless it is not breaking the webmaster’s guidelines.
    • How to dominate SERP? Well, it sure makes a lot of sense if you have tailored approach. SERPs always look for websites with fresh content that is keyword rich and contains relevant interlinks. Also, for a website, page titles and Meta description with properly infused keywords play a major role in commanding the SERP. Websites managing to achieve all these will be easily indexed and earn sufficient organic traffic thus dominating the other websites.
  • Optimizing the Conversion Rates-
    • A/B testing is the best way to deal with conversion rate optimization. But before knowing more about the process, let us know what a CRO is.
    • It is a process, where the elements of a webpage are strategically varied in accordance to the user benefits (in order to drive more interaction). The word ‘interaction’ can be replaced with a better expression, which is the ‘leads’. Landing pages, images, web pages, headers, and the processes implemented can be categorized under the elements of a website.
    • A/B testing is a method where, the two versions of a web page are tested to identify the best result generating implementation.
  • Highlighting the Lead Generating Channels-
    • Digital marketing strategies are all about the channels that are instrumental in generating favorable leads to a website. Rather than completely centralizing the objective, which is the visitors, it is also necessary to concentrate on the medium.
    • To explain this jargon in simple words, we need to concentrate on that section of content and the channels which are managing to attract more visitors. Like, which section has a significant role in generating more conversion rate? The question will definitely suffice. This action is necessary for performing remarketing services, and re-engaging the lost customers.
  • Incorporating with Sales Report-
    • A complete view of your sale numbers, statistics about your visitors, their behavior and preferences. Well, tracking this whole lot will surely count into your digital marketing efforts.
    • Google’s new AdWords and Salesforce integration has become a perfect boon for the digital marketers in analyzing the performance of a website. With this approach your digital marketing campaigns will not go waste as you know where to focus.
  • Call Tracking, for better ROI-
    • A completely different, uncomplicated approach, call tracking allows you to have a better picture about the campaigns that are generating more leads. Also, you get to have the privilege of accessing information from your customers to improve your website.
    • Through call tracking you get to have an insight about the effect of your marketing campaigns on your business. This will also help you rebuild your approach which is favorable to your business. ROI is the bottom line for every online marketer, the need to have a well–defined approach is necessary in order to achieve that objective.

The best way to start this year as a digital marketer is to implement all these changes in your respective digital marketing campaigns.