Google Adsense Introduces Optimization Tips for Individual Ad Units

Do you want to maximize your online monetary opportunities via Google Adsense? As a publisher who wants to gain a decent income from Adsense, you have to work on aspects, such as content, traffic, blog design and ads placement amongst others. You may be constantly looking out for tips and guidelines about Google Adsense. A week ago, Google Adsense introduced a form of optimization tips by ads simulation for individual ad units. Here are the changes that you need to make to AdSense for content ad unit type or format settings directly in your account in order to earn more.

Google Adsense will be using their technology to simulate the ad auction for a specific ad unit by using different ad type and/or ad format settings. If these changed settings consistently result in higher revenue for a particular ad unit, Google will show a recommendation in your account. None of the simulations will affect your live traffic or earnings. You will only see a recommendation from Google, if the simulated auction demonstrated resulted in an increase in revenue.

To make the implementation of a recommendation fast and easy, Adsense has made the recommendations visible on the “Home” tab of the AdSense account. All you have to do is click on the “Do this now” button for ad type recommendations. This will automatically update your ad unit type.

If you want an ad format recommendation, you have to click on the “Create this unit” button. This will generate a new ad unit of the recommended ad format on your “My ads” tab. After this is done, you will have to replace the current ad unit code on your webpage with the newly created ad unit code to successfully complete the implementation.

With these new optimization tips, Google Adsense hopes to help publishers maximize ad revenue and simplify ad management. Have you tried, tested and monitored the results of these recommendations on your Adsense account? If yes, have they results in an increase in revenue?

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