Google Index Status in Search Console Reportedly Broken


The Google index status which shows up in the search console in webmaster tool is reportedly broken according to sources from Google. There are different complaints regarding the working status of the index status. Some webmasters report that the index status report shows a stagnant growth for a sustained period of time and the numbers showing for a period of time has remained the same.

Google Index status shows the number of pages that has been indexed in a website. All possible webpages that have not been blocked using filters will be shown on the graph in the search console. This report helps in webmaster keep track of the number of pages indexed so that they can make sure there are no problems with pages getting indexed by the crawlers. The advanced feature in the index status also shows information on the pages that has been blocked by the robots text file. This will allow webmasters to keep track of the pages that have blocked and make sure only the intended pages are blocked.

According to update from Google it is actually the index report in the search console that is broken. Webmasters need not be alarmed regarding this incorrect information in the search console as it is something that will be fixed by Google. There is no timeline regarding when the index status will be fixed but one can be sure all possible steps are being taken to fix it at the earliest. It is suggested that webmaster can rely on sitemap index report in Google search console until the problem is resolved.