Google Update its Core ranking Algorithm through Phantom to assess the Quality of Web Content

Every time there is a new update from Google, the user end will be the one to gain maximum benefits. Whenever a user visits a website, he should not be baffled with irrelevant information or complex navigational structures that may repel his interests. Keeping this in mind Google rolled out The Phantom update to counter such factors.

SEO rankings are provided at the behest of quality content, keywords and interlinks, and the possibility of backdoor implementations are more in such a situation. User end is sure to get the maximum beating with such an approach, and Phantom made its debut to avoid such practices.

Google has a major leverage over SERP tracking mechanisms, so every time your ranking fluctuates blame it on Google. To have your presence effectively on a SERP, make sure to please the user-end rather than search engines.

What is a Phantom Update?

People are getting used to the regular updates from Google, so any such activity without a proper name or which is unknown was given the name “Phantom update”. Based on the transitions to their rankings, webmasters also defined Phantom update as a Quality update.

About Google Algorithm

Why do Google keep updating its algorithm? This question may pop up once in a while but may fade with the time. When people succeed in deriving the logic behind each action, maybe then the need for future up gradation may stop. But wait, not until they follow that logic.

The main objective of Google algorithms is to enable the search engines to acquire the best possible webpages with the most germane information. Possibly information here is not all restricted to content but also the keywords, interlinks which may further up their search options.

So, overnight people thought, let’s stuff our websites with keywords and interlinks to gain better rankings, which in other words can be best defined as black hat SEO techniques. All the Google’s standard procedures were violated, thus enabling the search giant to spit out such harsh updates.

Obviously, all the websites were greatly affected through the rankings, and these were completely based on their approach. Some gained an instant rush of organic traffic, while the other websites were penalized due to the backdoor approach. With every upgrade Google gives out a message that its major priority is always the end user who looks for better results.

If we ever make an anatomy of a search engine, we may possibly find more number of updates than we can possibly count. Google’s main motto is to bring out the best in everything, from a solid content to user-friendly navigational structures; the users are given the full-scale preference. One should understand by now that updates have become a basic activity of Google, which it performs unconditionally and irrevocably.