Why SEO Is Here To Stay And How To Make The Most Of It

Why SEO Is Here To Stay

The narrative is in the numbers – there are around 1.5 billion websites globally. For every search keyword entered for a service or product, search engines display results that run into thousands, sorted out by various criteria. A simple glance at the Click Through Rates of listings sheds light on the importance of SEO – listings on the first page of search results get a 71% Click Through Rate[1]. This effectively means that seven out of ten individuals searching for a product or service will look only at the first page of search results, leaving just three for the remaining pages.

Why SEO is pivotal in the digital presence narrative

That single data point pretty much settles the argument about the importance of SEO. As web crawlers sift through indexed webpages and metadata, pages that are ranked high get the best conversion rates, which translates into better topline revenue and bottom lines. It makes perfect business sense for enterprises to lean on SEO to get right there at the top.

With disruption and exciting new technologies on the digital front, businesses are likely to get confused about the importance of SEO, assuming that SEO has no role in an ecosystem that is driven by new technology. Far from it, while voice search and geotagging is definitely expanding, it is still SEO in a different form. In other words, SEO continues to evolve, working the latest technology to deliver results.

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The importance of leaping across SERPs

While it may certainly not be practically possible for businesses to wipe out the competition overnight and get on the first page, the goal is always to be ranked as high as possible. The right SEO techniques and strategy is important to achieve this. SEO is not incremental in value, but imperative in the digital presence narrative.

The whole equation of marketing has been rewritten. It is now existential to be ‘searchable’, and permit prospects to identify the most suitable product/service/business. Online presence is all about being reachable, readable and searchable, and this is precisely what SEO is all about. SEO is certainly not out of favor, in fact, it will remain the flavor for a long time, and companies need to be on the right side of SEO to prevent fading out of the digital horizon.

[1] https://moz.com/blog/google-organic-click-through-rates-in-2014

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