SEO Tips to Boost Mobile App Downloads


App store optimization (ASO) is the equivalent of SEO for promoting mobile apps. But SEO can also be used to boost downloads of mobile apps. Mobile App pages do not show up on search engine pages like web pages do. But there are few things that can be done with SEO to do this like having a landing page or a microsite, a blog associated with the product.

Having a landing page for your mobile app and optimizing it with to its relevant category or keywords can help in more visibility with the search results which in turn can drive more traffic to download your mobile app. The following SEO tips also helps increasing visibility of the mobile app.

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keyword strategy for app’s landing page

On page optimization with relevant keywords is essential for Google and other search engines to help them understand for what keywords your landing page has to be ranked for.

Google keyword Planner is a basic tool that is used to find the right set of keywords. But LSI keywords to play a big role in helping Google detect your pages for your landing pages relevant keywords.

Backlinking by tracking competitor’s backlinks

Again backlinking is one the most important SEO strategy used for Google Search Results ranking. The more number of good backlinks the better the ranking in the search list. There are several tools that can help you find competitor backlinks by which you can start backlinking your own landing page to promote your mobile app.

Increasing staying time on landing page

Another important information that Google algorithm provides is the bounce rate on individual pages of a website. By identifying the bounce rate on your app landing page it will help you to improve the features in it so that visitors stay longer on your page. The longer a visitor stays the more chances that he will in fact download your app.