Are Your Websites Mobile Friendly?

Are you planning to expand your business and do you want to reach a lager demographic audience for your products and services? If your answers are yes, then chances are that you are dabbling with the idea of improving your website’s features by creating a mobile friendly website. Before enhancing the features of your current website to help users easily access your website on their mobiles, it is important for you to understand what parts of your website need to be improved. Here are some quick pointers to help you understand, are your websites mobile friendly or not?

  • Large Call to Action Buttons that Guide Users Can Enhance User Experience – Large and concise CTA Buttons will not only help users have easy access to various features of your website but will also guide the users so that they can navigate within the website with ease. Ideally a good CTA should be sized at 44×44 pixels but this can be tweaked a little to suit your requirements. It is crucial that there is adequate space around the CTA buttons so that users do not click on the wrong button in error.
  • Simple Navigation Is the Key to a Mobile Friendly Website – If a user is asked to access a website that is confusing and has too many buttons, a cramped menu or other undesirable features then chances are that he will not want to access that website frequently. Usually vertical navigation is ideal and scrollable menus are desirable. The clickable areas should be large and have spaces around them to avoid any clicks made in errors.
  • Too Much Information is Not Always a Good Thing – While adding text to your website, remember that too much text might confuse the reader and it might also require him or her to scroll over and over again which might in turn be a pain. While wondering, are your website mobile friendly, also ask yourself if your forms are ideal or too long? Adding a long form for mobile websites is also a terrible idea, keep the forms short and ask only for relevant information. Giving concise and clear text that suits the purpose while doesn’t strain the eyes is the best way to keep users from going to other sites.
  • Test the Compatibility of Your Website with Various Mobile Brands – Before launching your website, you have to make sure that the website is compatible with at least a handful of top mobile brands. This is important because the interface and platform for each phone is different and testing for compatibility will ensure success and fewer problems later on. As and when you expand your business, you can always increase the number of gadgets the website is compatible with.


By adding large CTA Buttons, simple navigations along with clear and concise text you can boost the number of unique visits to your website. By making sure that you test the compatibility of your website before it goes live, you can make sure that people who visit your website have a good user experience. Remember, showcasing brands and logos can always help, but by following the tips mentioned above you will be setting a solid footing for future development. By implementing the tips mentioned here, you will no longer wonder, are your websites mobile friendly, because yes they indeed will be!

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