Microsoft has Big Plans: Data storage on DNA in the next few years

Microsoft, data storage, and DNA, well something really big is written, and it’s a definite possibility that we get to see that something big by the end of this decade. Now, in this post let’s learn about the matter in detail. Data compression and encryption started a long back with the magnetic tapes. In the recent years, the data storage requirements have grown by folds, and people are shifting their infrastructure to cloud computing.

No doubt, currently cloud computing seems the best option, but maybe a day will come where even the cloud may feel short of space. I don’t know about others but Microsoft architects are thinking like that and are planning to use DNA for data storage in the future days.

Why is Microsoft considering the DNA?

DNA and magnetic tape, can you even compare? I imagine that is how things are being forecasted for future. Think a hard drive with DNA strand, and it will be an obvious logic that there will be no limit to the amount of data you store.

The biological material, DNA now seems to be the top choice of every research center, every organization, who has found them as both cheap and the best possible bet. I wouldn’t call it a chance but a pure choice made by the organizations.

We know there will always be some limit in the conventional computing methods, and to break that researchers are thinking beyond the box.

You can call it a rumor, but it’s been in the news that a single gram of DNA can store up to 215 petabytes (215 millions of gigabytes) of data.

Why DNA for Data Storage? Because it’s,

  • Ultracompact
    • The binary digits 0’s and 1’s, getting mapped into the DNA molecules A, C, G, and T. A non-volatile storage medium, DNA provides a perfect compact space for encoding hoards of digital files.
  • Resilience
    • The word ‘durable’, doesn’t completely define the nature or capability with which a DNA can store and protect the data as long as an ideal environment is maintained.

Computer architects will find it relieving if they manage to gain more than conventional data management solution through DNA. Microsoft is counting on that, because, the cost of having a DNA storage space is like not having data storage issues once and for all.

Every data in this world can be stored under a single roof. Wow! The future seems so Sci-fi, and it will happen and soon.

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