Android O, everything to know about this latest Android Mobile Operating System

Android phone

SmartPhones, Mobile applications, well taking these things into consideration, Google has something new. This time Application developers can offer something that is even better in terms of the user experience. Android O, the new OS seems to be the most promising of all the OS till now. It’s not a statement to degrade other operating systems but only a mere cheer for the app developers.

Analyzing the facts, we can definitely tell we have something big to see, to experience. With growing number of mobile platforms for applications, the tasks coming to developers are burgeoning at a greater speed.

The Amazing Facts about Android O

To start with, even though it’s been few months, the name of this OS is not yet been finalized. The alphabet ‘O’ can depict Oreo, Oh Henry, or Orange Julius,

Google released the beta version of Android O in the month of May 2017, and by the quarter of this year, one can expect a complete access to the same. Proceeded by Android 7.x “Nougat”, Android O is focused on improving the battery life and user experience at the same time.

Now, let’s learn about the features of Android O, and make way for our thoughts in adapting to this new OS.

  • Picture-in-picture
    • You can call it as a PiP mode, and under this feature, one can easily work on their emails while watching their favorite video.
    • In the foreground you will be watching a video, while in the background you can run some other task, it’s like the act of multitasking is made easier under this feature.
    • Application developers can surely promise customers with better user-experience through the multi-window support.
  • Background Limits
    • By restricting the background movements, this OS guarantees with an improved battery life. Suppose you are running few applications in the background and are not bothered to close them, then this OS will automatically switch off applications after a certain time.
  • Autofill APIs
    • Repetitive tasks surely hurt every developer, just think how they would feel if they are filling the same login credentials for every app and service.
    • Password managers will find it easy to manage or handle the sensitive information. Database hacks, zero input errors, timeliness, well, and everything will be easy through the Autofill APIs.
    • App developers should just add this platform support with the Auto-fill feature to get going.
  • Keyword Navigation
    • Application developers have always been under fire in the name of navigation patterns. It is not easy to please every user out there as each of their preference differs greatly.
    • Now Google’s Android O is promising to be a great platform, as developers are allowed to support both arrow and tab navigation systems in their applications.
    • Just to say that this is a small contribution for Android applications, which are running on Chrome OS.