Indian Smartphone Market to Experience Canadian App ‘AmpMe’

The underlying technologies concerning an application development never fail to excite us. The SmartPhone market is a sure place, where one can easily find things that will amuse them the most. The new mobile application, AmpMe is for music lovers, yes, people around the world will enjoy music with unlimited fun.

So what actually does AmpMe do? Or, how does it work? An app for every device, it can be Android or iOS, but AmpMe promises a room filling music experience without the conventional speakers. The Indian market will soon experience this new application and no doubt every generation will love this application.

How will AmpMe benefit the SmartPhone users?

There is no device restriction, yes, it not particular for either Android users or the iOS community, but it is for every individual who has a Smartphone.

Mobile application developers should be credited for the outstanding features deployed in AmpMe. Without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology, people can sync their mobile phones with other sets to give a powerful a sound effect.

In the whole action, the host is the major player; he should connect or sync his device with any number of devices that he wants to. And again, there is no forbidding in device syncing.

The new App allows syncing in two distinct ways,

  • Online Mode
    • I would rather not call it an online process, because, AmpMe, utilizes audio fingerprinting technology to create a sync between the host and other devices.
  • Offline Mode
    • A personal hotspot is created by the host, where people can easily connect through the auto-join feature.
    • Music files will be played from the local library of a host device. With more devices and a single audio content, the effect will be truly staggering.

What is Audio Fingerprinting Technology?

Just say, we have a database where, the data about every music file is stored, so if you need any information on any song, this software service will help you out. First, record few lines of a song about which you want to know. Send the sample to this software service and get access to the required information.

With AmpMe app, one need not depend on speakers, as they can easily have a multi-speaker setup. This application is currently attuned with SoundCloud, YouTube, and you can play songs from your personal library.

AmpMe is a device-agnostic mobile application, and there is no second thought about it.

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