Importance Of Keyword Related Content For Driving Traffic

Are you aware that the keywords you use on your webpages can either increase your SEO ratings or drop them way below the acceptable standards? Most of us are aware that a keyword is the most important word used in content that helps index webpages in the search results of various search engines. These keywords are indexed through the help of web crawlers that locate the type, number and authenticity of keywords used in content on various webpages. Here are a few interesting facts about keywords and some answers to help you understand the importance of keywords in content.

How Important are Keywords in Your Content?

Keywords are crucial if you want to get listed as #1 in search engines such as Google and Bing. Using the right keywords that are relevant and properly chosen are the key in being indexed however; other search engine techniques have to be used to ensure that you get a good SEO rating. For instance, for a shopping website that sells shoes, relevant keywords will include shop for jogging shoes. Using specific keywords has its advantages as compared to using very generic keywords. Usually the home and contact us page can contain generic keywords to describe the entire service or product range; whereas the internal pages should have specific keywords that describe the same product or service you are providing on the internal page. Adding a location such as the primary place of your business can be helpful as well. The name of your business can be used as a keyword but only once per page.

How Many Times Should Keywords be Used?

The keyword count in content will be dependent on a few things such as, the length of the content that you are posting on your each webpage and the personalized advice given by your search engine optimization advisor. Most advisors usually suggest that the keyword density should range from 1% – 2% however; there are a few content advisors that believe that a 3% keyword density might be good in a few cases. If you do not have an advisor then you might want to keep in mind that a moderate keyword count is ideal in most cases, going too low or too high can have certain disadvantages. For instance if the desired content is 1000 words or more, then choosing 10 keywords is ideal in 2 out of 3 cases.

Which Type of Keywords should You Use?

A primary keyword is the most important type of keyword and should be used twice or thrice every 500 words, where as a secondary keyword is also important and should be used twice every 500 words. Certain experts might decide to tweak the keyword count of content depending on the nature of the business.

Should Keywords be Included in META Tags?

Yes, keywords should include META tags. Keywords should not only be included in the META title but also the META description. The importance of keywords can be fully understood once keywords are correctly implemented in the META data of home, contact us and internal pages.


Most search engines index pages depending on the authenticity of the keyword and also the total keyword count which is why while trying to understand the importance of keywords, you

should remember that keyword spamming is always a bad idea however; using relevant keywords spread across the webpage is the best way to gain popularity with both readers and search engines. When keywords are used sparingly and appropriately within content, readers find the information appealing and naturally written which is an added bonus for you.