How Fonts Affect User Experience In Website Designing


What is the first thing users notice after opening a webpage on the search results? A page’s appearance and content are vital for readers to continue reading further. That is why careful and creative website designing is necessary.

Types of fonts can greatly affect the user experience on a website. For example, certain fonts are easier to read than others. So, web designers have to choose user-friendly fonts for their web pages. This article discusses how different fonts can help improve site engagement and some of the top fonts to use for a website.

How Do Fonts Impact User Experience?

Take a look at how fonts impact the overall user experience on the website.

  • Readability

Fonts play a vital role in website readability. Choosing user-friendly fonts and proper formatting is necessary to drive more readers to your website. In addition, the amount of time a user spends on the web page also closely connects with the readability factor of your content.

  • Emotion Factor

Most people are emotionally designed for a certain font type. Users tend to leave the website when content is presented in unreadable fonts. So, it is necessary to consider this emotional factor during design.

  • Reading Amount

No matter how amazing the content is, most readers only go through the headlines and essential points. We live in an age where readers need more time and patience to read the entire article. So, keeping users on your website for long durations is only possible if your font selection is right.

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The Best Fonts For A User-Friendly Experience

If you wish to know which top fonts to use to drive maximum traffic and achieve the best user retention, here are some of the most popular fonts on the internet.

  • Arial

Arial is popular as a classic font on the internet for its humanist features. Many websites broadly use this font.

  • Verdana

Verdana is a commonly seen sans-serif font type on digital documents. It is characterized by its open counters and unique character design.

  • Helvetica

Helvetica is a famous traditional font type distinguished by its tall height. This sans-serif font is trendy in internet media.

  • Calibri

Calibri is a more recent and modern font type. This sans-serif font provides a great distinction between characters and is known for its easy-to-read appearance.

  • Times New Roman

Times New Roman font has been among the widely used font types for several decades. It is a serif font with a relatively small height but has an excellent readability factor.


In short, choosing the right fonts is critical for the best user engagement. The different font types and their significance above will help you choose a suitable font for your website design.

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