How to create an Eye-catching Website?

eye catching website

What is the secret for creating an Eye-catching website? It’s obvious that as a web designer you should go an extra mile in terms of your thinking and approach to achieve that. Web designs often fail you when you don’t push yourself.

“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style”, a successful web designer thinks like this. If we look back the design and usability factors of a website was never given an equal importance. But today, things have changed and to stay ahead in competition one should welcome every challenge.

Every day web designers should find inspirations to make their collaboration with new ideas productive. Today websites are not just created to represent an organization; instead, the organizations are run through them.

Principles for Creating an Effective, Eye-catching Website

  • Simplicity & Distinctiveness
    • A website should be an invitation card for the customers to visit and not the other way round. Have an eye for detail, but wait, don’t follow this faithfully and overload your website with graphics and pop ups.
    • Consider the homepage of your website as a door to your organization. So one thing that would differ is how unique is your approach in bringing in the customers?
    • Your website design should showcase not only distinctiveness but also simplicity. The good and easy-to-use navigation system will be accepted by every customer but not the things that will harm the performance of a website. For instance avoid heavy scripts, non-optimized images, and excessive animations.
  • Website Presentation
    • Trust me, things do get messed up when one fails to arrange the elements in a way that it should be. Whether it’s a home page or a product page over stuffing will actually kill the appearance once and for all.
    • A good website design deals with a lot of space, so provide it unconditionally. The font styles also carry a greater importance; hence make sure that you are not taking out the professional element from your web page.
  • Website Loading Time
    • Whether it is a big brand or small one, loading issues will be there at least by some percent. But make sure that you are giving your customers a good chance to leave your website for your competitor.
    • As a seasoned web designer one should know that using too much JavaScript or Flash animations can slow down the speed of a website, so avoid as much you can. Keep the web pages simple, professional, and customer-oriented.
  • User-Experience
    • Every time, for every customer you will not be there to see their reaction about how they felt using your website. But Google Analytics tool will certainly give you the answers through a report on conversion rates and bounce rates.
    • Suppose if the bounce rate is higher it is understood that customers are not having a good experience with your website or were not impressed with the appearance.
    • For providing the best user experience your website should be cross-compatible(device, platform & browser). Also, user-friendly navigation system along with necessary web elements that will promise with personalized user experience is what customers will look for.