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Ideas to create an engaging blog that attracts traffic

The pain of gaining readership for a blog, only a writer knows. It’s more frustrating for a writer when he finds his blog is short of those buzzing audience who on the other side are thronging his competitor’s website. Blog traffic stats are something that gives jitters especially if the bottom line of your business is dependent on the traffic you earn through your blogs.

You may be a good writer, but you need to be a great writer to gain what you have envisioned. There is no formula that can help, but there are definitely certain tricks that can help you start with a right note.

We have often read people saying that your blog should be quality oriented, blah, blah something and the demand list will definitely scare anyone and trust me in that. In this post we will be discussing about simple tips that are easy to follow but sometimes are hard to maintain. So, let’s go through them.

Want readers to scutter around your blogs? Then,

Headlines! Headlines!

Controversies are created through headlines, so create breaking news out of your simple topic. Well, it is a sure trick how people attract paparazzi around them. Use the simple trick, attract the audience, keep them on their toes and make them read your content.

It is not the link or images or some animation, but a strong connecting headline that acts as an engine for your blog post. I like to call them as attention-grabbing blog post titles.

  • The Keyword Headlines (SEO)
  • The (Why/What/How/Who/When/Where) Headlines
  • ‘If I were you’ Headlines
  • The ‘Clickbait’ Headlines

The list does not stop here, but everyone has that curious cat inside them, which should be brought out at the right place to earn sufficient business and a good headline is the first way to achieve that.

Create Paragraphs

Successful digital marketers around the world have always supported the lengthy blog posts. Yes, not only they will be backed with a good number of backlinks but are also considered resourceful for readers.

To maintain and retain the interest for a longer time, write in short paragraphs with creative headings. Don’t stretch for long, because it will be taxing the readers and may compel them to look for less straining, digestible content.

Social Media Promotion

Unlike newspapers, you don’t have someone to deliver your content to every doorstep. You have to do that through social media platforms, which is actually a home for every one of your potential audience group. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, well you have so much in your hands for gaining a good amount of traffic for your blog.

It’s a budget-friendly tactic, promoting in social media channels will definitely help you expand beyond the niche of regular audience group.

Links & Keywords

How will you make sure that your readers are enjoying your content, is there any effort from your side? Obviously, you may think that with 3,000+ words your followers will be quite amused by your work. But hold! You are not amusing them; you are just straining their eyes.

Yes, a long story without words that matter, and words that require a research well, you are actually asking your readers to vanish from your site.

Try approaching in a good way, add a good amount of RELEVANT keywords and certainly, don’t forget to give BACKLINKS, do this and see the magic.


No matter how complicated or boring the topic can be, it is the job of you, as a writer to shape it the way people will love it.

You have some sci-fi topic and you include only formulas, diagrams, and etcetera, etcetera, then what will happen?

What do you think will actually happen? People who are into the research may find it interesting (only a few numbers) but rest of the normal thinking humans may actually run away looking for a jargon-free explanation.

My advice here, retain the formulas, diagrams if needed, but use a storytelling approach so that readers can easily follow and understand what is written in your blog post. Include images, ask questions and create an interactive environment between your blog post and the reader.