3 Tips For Selecting Responsive Web Templates and Layouts


We all have used websites that are meant for desktops and are a nightmare to operate on smart phones and tablets. These websites are created using standard web templates which makes them ideal to surf only on a fixed aspect ratio and screen resolution. Responsive web templates on the other hand, automatically shrink or enlarge depending on the device the end-user is making use of to surf the site. These websites are cheaper to operate in the long run and often pay for themselves as users prefer these websites, so do Google and many other search engines.

Listed below are 3 essential tips to help you selecting responsive web templates and layouts.

3 Must Know Tips to Help You with Selecting Responsive Web Templates

  1. Choose a Platform that Offers You Free Responsive Templates that are Apt for Your Business – Just because it is free, does not mean it is appropriate for your business needs. Many websites offer a range of free responsive templates for general use yet not many websites offer a wide range of free responsive templates for different businesses. For instance, you might find a template suitable for birthday parties and businesses that host these parties, however; if you are a company that sells funeral arrangements, then you will need to find an appropriate template with the right columns, images, colours and much more.
  2. Shop For Free Templates Carefully While Checking for any Hidden Limitations – There are a handful of good websites that will allow you to download web templates and even responsive templates and layouts. However, majority of these websites earn revenue by enticing users with free templates and then asking them to upgrade. While selecting responsive web templates that are apparently free, make sure to enquire about the functionality and usability of these templates, if they allow you to make modifications and what kind of modifications along with how many.
  3. Opt for a Customized Template By Hiring an Experienced Web Developer – If you are hitting a dead end with free responsive templates then consider hiring an affordable yet reliable web developer to create a customizable template for you. Choosing to outsource to an expert from overseas can save you a good amount of money and choosing to create a customized template can ensure that your end-users get a website that is appropriate for their viewing needs.


Before selecting responsive web templates, make it a point to go through your competitor’s website. You can either choose to copy the competitor website’s skeleton design or you can choose to be innovative, put in a little extra effort and create a brand image by creating a website that is better than that of your competitor.

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