5 Mistakes to Avoid While Learning How to Design Professional Websites


If you are learning how to design professional websites in order to create your business website, then the 5 mistakes to avoid that are mentioned below will help you understand how to design websites the easy way.

5 Mistakes to Avoid While You Learn How to Design Professional Websites

  1. While designing call to action buttons, do not create overly large buttons. Call to action buttons need to the right size as these buttons are surrounded by various other crucial elements.

    These elements are meant to direct the user’s online path and make him reach a set destination with ease. The standard size can be altered minimally, but as far as possible tick to the standards because they are in place and used by millions of developers for a valid reason, they work!

  2. While building responsive websites, do not first build the website for a desktop and then transfer the content to the layout for mobile websites. This will cause errors in accuracy and will cause the responsive mobile site to have aspect ratio and other issues. Always build the website first for the device it is intended to be built for and then transfer it to a desktop browser if required.
  3. While creating graphics for web sites such as images and Infographic aids, do not experiment with the resolution. The image should be in RGB format and should be of 72ppi. In addition, a 640×480 resolution is desirable for most standard images. Deviating from these set standards will cause a series of issues, such as heavy images that take too long to load, that might not display well on the screen.
  4. While designing call to action buttons use the proper spacing as per the standards. This is very important as it will prevent the page from being cluttered with CTA buttons. Remember, a cluttered page with too many CTA buttons will confuse the end-user more than help him!
  5. While learning how to design professional websites, do not assume that you know everything. Consider asking an expert for tips and advice as well as choose to make use of the many free manuals that are available online to help students.

How to Design Professional Websites the Easy Way!

In actuality, designing a website is not an easy task; however, with practice and patience it is possible for this task to become easy after a few months of putting in hard-work. If you need help and are getting no-where while designing call to action buttons or other important elements of a business site, then consider hiring help by consulting with a web developer online.

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