7 Reasons why PHP is so popular?

Reasons why PHP is so popular

If you want to experience PHP then visit Facebook, Wikipedia, Digg, or MailChimp. All these successful websites are developed in PHP. First developed on June 8, 1995, this programming language has been the most popular till date. Reports from w3techs show that PHP is used by 83.3% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.

About PHP

Recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for website development. It can be used in combination with web content management systems, web template systems, web frameworks, and even be embedded into HTML code.

There have been a lot of unsupported unhistorical releases, but PHP 7.0 is the biggest update since PHP 5.0. The new version came with a guarantee of improved performance, reduced memory consumption, consistent 64-bit support, improved exception hierarchy, abstract syntax tree, return and scalar type declaration, and zero cost asserts.

PHP Language: The Market Share Trend

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Over ASP.NET, Java, Static Files, or ColdFusion, PHP still holds the maximum market share and it’s still growing strong. If you are thinking why PHP is so intriguing? Popular? Then you will be surprised to know the reasons.

Good Reasons that will make you choose PHP

  1. Open Source, No Licensing Fees:
    • A powerful scripting language built on open source platform, PHP users will not have to bother about fees or legal issues. An open-source platform, PHP is a great gift for novice programmers who can test their aptitude. Also, anyone can work on the source code and contribute in the language development. You will find a huge number of plug-in programs written by developers from around the world.
  1. Simple, Easy to Start:
    • If your goal is to be the programmer and clearly if you want to start with something simple, current to the market then PHP should top your list. Even though PHP is the most demanding and popular web programming language, it is the most simple and easiest to learn.
    • Before you start learning PHP, there is something you should know. And that is you have to have a basic understanding of HTML.
  1. Server-Scripting Language:
    • Server-side scripting provisions you with information at a good level of privacy and personalization. The processing is performed on the web server rather than the machine and information is stored successfully across browsing sessions without relying on cookies due which you are able to access the sites from any device.
    • The only criterion is you have to have information about username and password.
  1. Inbuilt Database Support:
    • Clearly, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are the backbone of most modern dynamic websites and PHP has support for over 20 databases including MySQL.
    • MySQL comes with advanced features. Also, MYSQL an open source relational database management system and PHP is a server-side scripting language and together you can develop dynamic sites with customized features in less cost and time.
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  1. Flexible, Measurable, & Effective:
    • Facebook and other popular social media platforms run on PHP. It’s easy to predict how flexible and effective this programming language is.
    • Now a version of PHP has been created called Hack. This new programming language, ‘Hack’ has deep roots in PHP and allows developers to write a program in less time and find errors more easily.
  1. Works Exceptionally well with CMS:
    • Adaptive content is the new trend developed to support customized interactions across all the platforms, hence in context to this CMS customization has become very important for businesses.
    • As PHP is a flexible programming language, developers have the liberty to customize content management systems to meet the customer requirements.
    • You should know that the popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and etc are based on PHP; hence it’s easier for developers to either create or integrate customized CMS-solution with a website.
  1. Comes with a Huge Standard Library
    • Libraries have a huge role in simplifying and increasing the data processing capability of the programming language. Under PHP there is an extensive support for HTTP fetching, database drivers, URL parsing, also, you will come across commonly-available procedures and classes including mail management, database manipulation, graphics manipulation, secure connections, and much more.

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