Must-have Essentials of a Good Church Website

Church Website

Design a beautiful website for your church and you will have more visitors. Churches should understand the importance of online presence as one of the surveys in Digital Journal cited that ‘46% of all people surveyed said a church’s website was important in picking a church to visit’.
A website has truly become the front door for everything that people wish to pick or visit, even a church. Of course, your church might be the most beautiful place in your town, but you have to make people realize that. The services you provide, the events you conduct, people will not be aware of unless you reach them with a fine communicating website.

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While you are at designing a website, know these two reasons. Even if the reasons have already been explained, it won’t hurt if you look into these two points……..

  • A Long-Term Resource
    • Your church website can be a great resource not just for your current attendees, but even for the new visitors. Hence, every page you design should be of great value and purpose that would easily connect with your local community as well as people far away from your place.
  • An Online Hub
    • Social media is a great platform to reach the general audience, but the medium can be unpredictable with changing times. You may have to look for new possibilities reaching your audience and sometimes the communication may get ineffective and you may fail to reach them.
    • Your website otherwise will always be a reach point for people if they wish to learn anything.

Now, so many things that were discussed here focused on the benefits of having a website. It’s quite clear we need to have one to get the said privileges. But what should your medium contain so people would feel happier to visit your church in person?

A person who visits your website should get a comprehensive view of your church, so let’s see what we can learn on that.

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Top 7 Must-Haves for your Church Website

1. Keeping the Website Mobile-Responsive

It’s not must-have, it’s the must-be feature.

Your church website should reach all the mobile users. Because we have more mobile users than people reading a newspaper or using a desktop. As per the reports in, the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. So, with stratospheric rise in the use of mobile devices, you have to make your website respond to the mobile and various other smart devices.

Also, at any point, your mobile-friendly website will make your SEO campaigns easier to carry out.

2. Sermon Archives

A sermon is an oration or lecture given by pastors addressing Biblical, theological, religious, or moral topics. So, one of the important things your church website should be having is the sample or archives of these powerful sermons so people can watch them.

Sermons show your deep relationship with the God and according to reports from, today’s young families listen on average to at least 6 sermons or watch 6 videos of church services before ever deciding to visit a church. Giving churchgoers the effectiveness of your ministry, you will surely increase the reach and the numbers.

3. Information for the First Time Visitors

Let people know things they have to know before they visit your church. An insight into things that they should be prepared for and the list goes like this,

  • Specifications about the dress code.
  • Service outline, description, and timings.
  • Details about children’s ministry and nursery.
  • A follow-up plan once they come to the church.

4. Church Blog Page

I have been speaking about statistics a lot, right?

The reason is it is the only ways you can make people understand the benefits of something. In this case, you are asked to include a blog section on your church website. Do you know why?

  • Websites with a blog have tend to have 434% more indexed pages.
  • Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.


A website without blogs is almost like building a house in the backcountry without proper pathways.

Your church website will be no different. Once you start posting blogs that offer some quality updates and information about church practices and other things, you will definitely witness people sharing your posts on social media platforms. It would help you reach more churchgoers and build your popularity.

5. Online Donations

Your vision and purpose for collecting donations from visitors should not limit to those who only attend services in person. In this day and age, the tradition of collecting donations should go beyond keeping a box at the back door.

If you visit the website ‘Refuge Church’, the giving page is clearly designed with powerful graphics and content that explains the purpose. Quite similarly, the website of ‘Freedom church’ has a prominent ‘GIVE NOW’ button and simple instructions that will clearly guide the donor to proceed with ease.

6. Information about Children’s Ministry & Youth Ministry

The purpose of children & youth ministry is to teach the child and their families to love God and love people.

It would be perfect to provide information about children’s ministry, for people with kids will feel ease knowing their children will have better guidance while they are involved in the church.

So, let the parents know how you care for their children, like who will be in charge of them and the programs designed for them.

7. Statement of Beliefs

The ideologies may differ for each church, from one town to another. A Baptist church in New Hampshire might not have the same beliefs as one in Texas. So, a statement of beliefs on your website would help new visitors or guests understand your followings.

Whether you follow denomination or non-denomination ministry, if you can add to the list, it will be much better.

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