Things To Avoid While Building A Business Website

things to avoid in business website

A large part of running and growing a successful business is having a website that attracts users, expands your reach, and builds your brand. Website development is very crucial. While it seems simple, each stage of developing a website needs a lot of research and planning. There is so much to do that it becomes easier to overlook important things.

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Things to Avoid While Building a Business Website

Here are a few of the pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Poor Design & User Interface: Right from the cluttered homepage, improper navigation bars to too many pop-ups – will push people away from your site. The design needs to be intuitive to users. This means they need to know where to click and what to click on to get the next round of information they need.
  2. Difficult to find “Contact” information: If reaching out to you directly is important for new business, forgetting to include this information can be a crucial problem. The “Contact Us” link should be clearly marked.
  3. Being outdated: An outdated website sends one message- you don’t care about visitors. If there are no changes or updates on your site for a couple of weeks, people are bound to lose interest. Your website requires regular updates and maintenance
  4. Being Non Responsive: The majority of web traffic and internet marketing occurs via mobile phones. If your site doesn’t adjust automatically to smart-phone size, tablets, desktop, and laptop monitors, people are going to click off of your site and onto one that does.
  5. Having slow servers: Slow servers negatively impact your website’s loading time. The average user waits for about 4 seconds for a site to load before losing patience.
  6. Forgetting about SEO: It is crucial that you keep Search Engine Optimization in mind while designing your website. Find out the keywords required for your site to appear on search engines and maximize their use.
  7. Ignoring Call-to-Actions: For users to take a step further to stay connected, you need to have call-to-action buttons. It could be anything like updating the users via email/SMS, etc.
  8. Designing it yourself:  It may look easy to design your own website with so many options available unless you are a web designer. By investing in a professional web development team you can ensure that your web site is not only functional but user-friendly, and forms a strong base for all your internet marketing strategies.

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