Challenges Facing Development Skills In India

challenges facing development skills

Web Development can be a complex task as it involves working with many technologies like HTML, Javascript, PHP, MY SQL, AJAX and so on. With every site the problems are different, and with the increase in different types of browsers, the developer needs to ensure that all sites look perfect on all browsers.

With new tools emerging on a daily basis, web development is going through some major changes, which brings in new opportunities and challenges too. These challenges need to be addressed for a successful application.

Let’s focus on some of the biggest challenges faced in development. These are the challenges that simply cannot be ignored.

Integration Challenge:

Many businesses live outside of the firewall. For instance, a business might use a SaaS-based CRM system or an in house BI tool and host their website on the cloud, to improve their flexibility. Web developers no longer face a challenge to build a feature into an application, but the challenge is to create an application that can be integrated with other applications.

User Experience Challenge:

If the application created does not meet the user’s expectation, the user will simply move to another one. Not only should the application be a great one, but should also create a great experience for other developers. If the applications are not simple, it will confuse the developers and the application are more likely to fail.

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When your business is online, every second count. The speed of a website is majorly important for a successful business. A slow website would result in losing customers which would damage the revenue.  It’s advisable to think of the performance before developing a website. An optimized database, poorly written codes, troublesome third party services, default configuration are some of the performance issues.


When a website deals with vital information like payment details or personal information security should be considered throughout the lifecycle. A website must be well coded to be safe against security threats like cross-site scripting, shell injection, session hijacking, buffer overflow and so on.

Web Development can be definitely difficult as it involves achieving a final product that is technically up to date and a one which also builds your brand.

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