eBay Acquires eBusiness Solutions Provider WHI for eBay Motors

If you have always found it simple to find the right parts for your car on eBay Motors, there is more good news for you. With eBay integrating WHI into their system, you are only going to find eBay Motors a lot more helpful.

Last week, Richard Bewer-Hay reported on his eBay ink blog, that eBay Inc had acquired WHI Solutions, a leading provider of software and digital catalog solutions for auto parts retailers and distributors.

Though the terms of the eBay – WHI deal have not yet been disclosed, eBay stated that the purpose of the acquisition was to seamlessly integrate WHI’s talent, technology and client base into their eBay motors ecosystem. On the other hand, WHI has announced that eBay enabled their customers to create more than 1 million automotive parts listings on eBay Motors, which has been consistently ranking as the first or sometimes second most visited automotive website.

Now, with WHI in their stride, eBay is planning to expand their automobile parts catalog which would include everything from specialty equipment to auto replacement parts. eBay Motors along with the technology of WHI, will now be able to improve parts selection and value for customers while enabling automobile parts distributors, dealers, retailers and manufacturers to reach more customers.

While eBay motor buyers can enjoy catalog benefits, sellers can easily list inventory, with the automatic populating listing fields, which includes description, image and vehicle application data, employing WHI’s catalog of millions of SKUs.

WHI, known as Wrenchead.com, started off as a web-based eBusiness solutions provider way back in March 1999. WHI currently holds offices in Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey. Over the years, WHI has expanded their solutions to include e-catalog, e-commerce, distribution management and business intelligence to automotive parts service providers and sellers. The Inc magazine as well as Deliotte & Touche has recognized the New York based WHI, as one of the fastest-growing software companies in the country.

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