How can Email Marketing help you Boost Website Ranking?

Email Marketing

If I’m not wrong, Email marketing is something we hardly get to hear.

The popularity of social media is drowning the presence of email marketing, but still, the latter is cited as one of the best marketing channels for improving website search ranking and traffic.

In this post, we will learn about how we can use email marketing to boost website ranking. Before that, let’s understand few basic things.

Email Marketing

Email marketing focuses on targeting customers via electronic mail. It is a traditional form of digital marketing, hence also referred to as direct email marketing.
Getting a mail is not a big thing now. Even a random person, who is least bothered about the growing technology, will not jump around after getting an email. Today, it’s all about tweets, tweeps, status updates, and likes.

Hence, it’s all up to how a businessman will create his promotional emails that would entice the reader to pick that particular message out of 100 and do the desired action.

Must-Haves for an Email to achieve Campaign Goals


A Well-Written Subject Line

Write something that your customers probably want to click. To increase the open rate, your subject line should be compelling. It should create urgency, curiosity – like giving a hint about offers. Personalize it, so customers will feel more excited to open your email.


Focused Content

A high performing email will have focused content. As soon as a prospective customer opens your email, he should get sufficient and useful information that would make him convert.


 Specific Call-to-Action

If your email is long, you have to integrate CTA buttons at multiple places giving readers more options to convert.

The Relationship between Email Marketing & SEO

It’s easy to interpret that Email and SEO don’t relate to each other. But email marketing can be used to improve the website search rankings and the incoming traffic.

Basically, SEO is performed in two major aspects – On-page SEO optimization & Off-page SEO optimization.

Under On-page optimization, you will target specific keywords, develop high-quality content, and enhance the website layout and performance. Off-page optimization technique involves sharing these high-quality content on external sites to attract quality inbound links to your website.

Now coming to the part where you have to build more social signals, you can take the assistance of email marketing.

Methods to Improve Website Ranking Via Email Marketing     

1. Building Inbound Links

  • Google may not admit it, but social signals impact organic ranking………
  • As per reports in CognitiveSEO, the top 4 positions in search rankings have more Facebook activity. Also, a study by Cognitive Labs cited the ‘sharing activity correlating with rankings.’
  • Now, have you ever thought that you could use email marketing for building links for your website? Probably, it’s not just you, but nobody would have thought about it for sure.
  • The first step towards link building activity is email list building. You get the list of email addresses of all your customers and of course, the potential customers and send your promotional email only to them.
  • (With reference to preparing an email list, you have to be careful about one thing. It is explained in next section, so please do not forget to refer it.)
  • People who accept and read your email (loyal subscribers), you can request them to share your content on different social media channels.
  • Pro Tip: Add social media sharing buttons; make it easier for your subscribers to share your post.

2. Better Content Creation & Promotion

  • Think why someone should subscribe to your email list? Or continue to be loyal?
  • You give them a reason by designing good content with valuable information. If you want your subscribers to make use of the social share buttons, then your content should be something worthy of sharing.
  • Developing good blog posts is one of the ways to generate traffic to the website.

3. Reputation Building

  • Not getting blacklisted will definitely help your reputation. Never spam your subscribers, because, you will be outcast. Spamhaus, one of the renowned blacklist providers did block several top US retailers right in the holiday season because all of them used spamtraps to get customers.
  • This is something you should not do. Of course, it will help you build your reputation.

4. Personalization Via Marketing Automation

  • The email you are sending should be properly designed. But again, that is not sufficient. It has to reach the prospective target at the right time in the purchase cycle.
  • Also, once you have a subscriber list you have to take a smarter approach. You should not manually send to all 100 individuals, it’s definitely a waste of time. Use MailChimp or HubSpot, they are the best email marketing automation software today. As explained earlier, you can reach all your customers with the right message at the right time as per the certain actions your customers take.
  • Doing so, you can expect positive development for your business. It will improve website traffic and conversion rate.
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Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Don’t Force your Readers to Take Action

  • Instead of telling or forcing your customers to buy it or do that, just give them something of value that would make them genuinely interested in your products. No one will blindly buy a product until they feel the value of the item and with comprehensive email marketing, you have to do that.

2. Remember, Never Buy Your Subscribers

  • Buying an email list may sound a quick option to grow your business, but it should not happen. For instance, if you are selling women’s shoes, your subscriber list should only have women’s contact address. If you simply buy a list that contains both men and women, it’s a waste of money and your time.
  • Take time, do research, and build your email list organically.

3. Never Spam Your Subscribers

  • Today, people have this perception,
  • Email = Spam
  • It’s bad for your business, especially, if you are using email marketing to optimize website traffic. So what you can do is never spam your customers. Not only your action will damage your brand reputation, but it will drop the open and click-through rates of your email marketing campaign.

4. Measure & Track Your Campaign

  • Take any marketing campaign; it is necessary you measure key metrics to understand the effectiveness of your work.
  • You should start your email campaigning with a healthy list. Followed by, you have to measure metrics so that you can adjust your campaign, to make things work for you accordingly.
  • Some of the key metrics you should be measuring are – open rate, click through rate, unsubscribe rate, complaint rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, forward/share rate, campaign ROI, and list growth rate.

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