2020 Technology Trends In India

technology trends 2020

With technology being the number-one differentiation for businesses today, organisations need to adapt and respond quickly to ongoing technology disruption.  Technology is now evolving at an exponential rate.

India has always been considered the hub of Information Technology developments. With the introduction of AI, machine learning, IoT, and block-chain, India has adopted some of the significant-tech trends that have given rise to a wide variety of opportunities in the field of mobile apps, VR-AR, gaming, and so on.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that are emerging in India in 2020:

Hyper-automation: Uses a mix of various exponential technologies such as Machine Learning, RPA, intelligent business management software and AI, to take the automation of organizational processes to the next level.  India is amongst the champions in the use of hyper automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). During 2020, companies will systematically adapt automation, and augment existing investments with AI. This will drive digital outcomes for business growth, in addition to the cost savings that companies have come to expect from automation

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Artificial Intelligence: With high-speed optical fiber internet coming to homes in India, the focus of AI will be in streamlining the non-value-added tasks which will free-up time for humans. Whether it is GPS, navigation, Google Assistants, ride-sharing apps or smart home devices – we are surrounded by AI technology.

Integration of AI with Mixed Reality: AR/VR experiences will become even more immersive by integrating AI to provide multi experience. This will allow businesses to not only create customized offerings but also offer a personalized experience to consumers. AI will also power AR experiences, with mobile handsets using multi sensory and multi touch interfaces to engage with contextual contents.

Internet of Things (IoT): IoT is a technology that connects the devices around us to exchange data. IoT is expected to touch all facets of our life. It is expected to control the flow of goods and services too. India could have somewhere between 2 billion to 10 billion IoT devices connected by 2025.

Apart from the above other interesting trends in India include Cyber security, Mobile Internet, Cloud, Digital payments, Mobile Apps etc. Focus in 2020 and beyond will be to make business more intelligent through digital transformation, security hygiene and data driven dynamics. One of the challenging tasks for embracing digital transformation for Indian companies can be the implementation. This is where outsourcing companies will play a major role.

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