Top 5 IT Outsourcing Trends

IT Outsourcing Trends

IT services are today being outsourced for many reasons. With rapid innovation in technology, the IT outsourcing industry is proved to evolve. Right from accounting to healthcare and retail businesses, operational flexibility to cost savings, outsourcing services are been utilized. By outsourcing, companies are now able to concentrate better on achieving their goals. When asked the question Why Outsourcing?  To both clients and IT outsourcing providers, the answer was cost savings and to improve customer experience.

Let’s look into the Top 5 IT Outsourcing Trends:

  1. Multicultural Outsourcing: While opting for IT outsourcing services, businesses should not neglect the political and economic stability of the countries which they outsource services to. Strategic planning for them should include identifying the potential risks.
  2. More Emphasis on Partnerships: Not all enterprises are fully equipped with the technical skills to run business operations. There in house team will not be able to fulfil the demands of the organization, leading to opt for outsourcing services from multiple vendors, specialized in specific areas. This means that IT outsourcing companies offering a wide range of services under one roof will stand out in the crowd.
  3. New Contract Models: Software development companies will be reached on contract basis as service integrators and there will be competition between different service providers. Companies will choose the vendors who are capable to deliver results which will add value to their business.
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  5. Cloud Sourcing: With more businesses moving on cloud, the demand for cloud computing will increase in the coming years. This demand will largely be for data storage purpose. Businesses will then be more concerned about the security threats associated with cloud services and will look out to eliminate the threats by outsourcing security services by all means.
  6. Progressive Web Apps: Businesses from the industries like e-commerce, healthcare and banking will be introduced to Progressive Web Apps. In big sites like Google and Microsoft, PWA features has already been included in the mobile versions by their software developers. There is no reason for the companies to avoid PWA as they are very pocket friendly.

The year 2020 looks very promising for software developers and businesses. These IT outsourcing trends will bring a global change, building trust between companies and their outsourcing partners. Businesses will look out for software development partners, who would offer them quality services, giving them a competitive edge over others.

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