How will Wearables Influence the Future of Mobile Applications?


Wearables are smart electronic devices, and today the list includes glasses, smart fabrics, rings, bracelets, smart tattoos and is not limited to just smartwatch or activity tracker. Wearable devices can be easily put on and taken off. It is considered the most portable technology, whether you wear it or incorporate into the body. The technology has influenced various domains, from fitness to finance industry, and not to mention everyone is embracing this newfound convenience with open arms.

Mobile application developers may soon find themselves working with these smart devices. Because customers using wearable devices want more; they need custom mobile applications for their smart devices!!!

You think it sounds crazy? But I feel it is cool.

Clearly, it is a tough job for mobile application developers. They should not feel as if they are ‘digging an elephant’s grave with a teaspoon’. Custom mobile applications for a wearable is not near to impossible, it is achievable.

According to, the global market value of wearable devices is forecasted to grow around 6 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.

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Impact of Wearable Technology on Mobile Application Development

The internet took a big time leaping from desktop to Smartphone, but from Smartphone to a wearable? The transition time was comparatively very less. Is it because of the technology growth rate?

And people today do not use the internet, they wear it.

So, if people want something customized for their Smart device, it should be obviously an application. And a mobile application should be customized in terms of,

  • Dealing with the Screen Size
    • smartphone to smartwatch
    • Application developers are creating a customized app for a wearable device, where they are to design for screen size comparatively smaller than that of SmartPhone devices.
    • It’s quite challenging dealing with a 2-inch screen; incorporating everything without sacrificing the principles of UI, because the users will later have a bad UX.
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  • User-Interface
    • Smart devices may excite you, but application developers are sweating out thinking about creating precise features if they start customizing mobile applications.
    • user interface wearable device
    • It hardly bothers a user how the interface is designed; all he cares is how conveniently he can do that? If possible digest the UI theory completely and tackle the concept of color, contrast, space, and typography.
  • Advanced Interaction Features
    • Offer responsive voice controls and audio feedback. Let the user complete tasks just speaking to the device. Using the application would be a lot easier. The customized application designed will support hands-free communication, making the users truly a part of the modern tech world.
  • Computational Capability
    • If the application has real-time voice control feature, people expect to receive an on-the-go response. The processing speed should be exceptionally good and it should not affect the performance of the device.
  • Using AI Algorithms
    • Is it so easy to cram the huge algorithm into such a small device?
    • Maybe not.
    • But they have to if they want their smart device application to predict the human behavior or provide smart responses to messages based on the context.
    • The challenges are immense for application developers as AI demands intensive computational work and large memory but they have to address smartly, because it’s definitely worth the effort.
  • Augmented Reality
    • If you have watched a sci-fi movie, you would have understood how cool AR technology would make you appear.
    • With the limited interactive space, if the application developers manage to fit in a 3D screen and sensors into the Smartwatches, it will definitely optimize the experience for device users.
  • Cloud Technology
    • Cloud technology is extensively utilized in every industry, every device, so why not Smartwatch?
    • The large storage space, high-end security for your personal data, the cloud technology truly offers everything a device or an application asks for. Smartwatches that come with advanced features as in the biometric data can store the information securely in the cloud.

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