3 Myths About Outsourced SEO Services Busted


At times when clients think of outsourced services, they have a few pre-conceived notions in their mind that crop up because of myths that have been passed on by either word of mouth or due to the internet. The following paragraphs aim to bust some common myths about outsourced SEO services and will help you understand when you should hire SEO experts from offshore locations.

3 Myths about Outsourced SEO Services Busted

  1. Outsourced SEO Experts are Primarily Freelancers – This is not true, as there are many small and medium established enterprises in countries such as India that offer optimization solutions to clients from other countries. These companies have dedicated teams of vetted and trained professionals who can increase organic traffic, click per pay traffic, increase visibility of your website through internet marketing campaigns and do a lot more.
  2. Outsourced Optimization Services Are Low in Quality and High in Quantity – Once again, this myth is absolutely fake, as India has some of the leading universities, the students graduating from these universities are qualified and then trained to provide you with high quality SEO solutions.
  3. Outsourced Optimization Solutions Are Meant for Large Companies – This is not true, SEO services that are outsourced can help small to medium sized companies get visibility and online exposure in an affordable manager. This myth is based on a belief that an outsourced manager is a must for all outsourcing deals; however in actuality, many Indian companies that offer optimization solutions, have their own teams to liaison, market and promote their services thus the need to bring an outsourcing manager into the picture is basically redundant.

When Should You Hire SEO Experts from Offshore Locations?

  1. When you need affordable services for both on-page and off-page optimization
  2. When you need to tap into a talent pool from a different country for both local and international market expertise
  3. When you want to pay for web development solutions on a contract basis without any upfront and lump sum cost
  4. When you do not want to hire your own SEO team as the costs for hiring an in-house team are out of our company’s budget

What Kind of Optimization Services Do You Need?

On-page solutions include keyword selection, placement, internal links, image tags, META data and a few other things. Remember on-page optimization is important for many reasons, but majority of the optimization is actually done on the back end through external websites. If you are interested to hire SEO experts from India, then get in touch with us today for a fair and affordable quote for both on-page and off-page optimization packages.

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