Why Your Competitors Are Ranking Better On Google

SEO Ranking

There could be many reasons as to why your competitor is ranking better than you on Google. Optimizing a page for search engines is the biggest factor that contributes to your ranking. Many brands rely on SEO to improve the performance of organic search.

Never settle for “we are at least ranking on page one “, but instead take action to reach the highest position. To understand what your competitors are doing right, conduct a competitive analysis, and then use this to create a plan to outrank your competitor on Google.

When your competitors rank higher, they are earning more traffic, more leads and eventually more sales.

How to Improve Your Website Ranking in Google

Here are few tips as to how to rank better on Google.

Quality and Quantity Content: The number one reason for a content to fail in ranking is because it does not satisfy the user’s intent. It’s very important to offer content which is far more informative, will keep the user longer on your page and eventually improve ranking. Increase the length of your content which can answer the questions of the audience and addresses their potential needs.

Improve backlink Profile: Backlinks are the most influential factor in terms of ranking over your competitors. They are like the backbone of Google’s search algorithm. If your website has more relevant links pointing to your webpages, you are more likely to gain an edge over a rival’s site.

Improve your On page SEO: On page SEO is the technic as to how the web page is structured while loading in a browser. Some factors to be considered here are:

  • Make sure your keywords include Title tag, H1 tags and Meta tags.
  • No broken links, no duplicate content in the webs pages.
  • Add alt text and image titles.
  • Use actual words in the URL structures instead of numbers, symbols and characters.

Use Responsive Design: Half the world today comes on mobile, which is why it’s very important to have a responsive website. A responsive design adapts to any device in use and gives a better experience to customers, with more time spent on the website.

Your competitors can be outranked with these battled technics on the world’s most popular search engine.

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