Does High Google Ads Spend Guarantee SEO Campaign Success


The marketing strategies have dramatically evolved with time; Google Ads is one of the tools leading to drive this transform. It allows businesses to reach anyone who uses the Google search engine to procure information, products and services online. The developers and marketing strategist often use Google AdWords as an SEO strategy for businesses looking to drive more traffic to their website.

There are polarising views about AdWords; some believe that it could be a useful advertising tool, while others believe that Google AdWords will not directly improve your organic search rankings. There are specific ways in which you can use AdWords to enhance the Search engine optimization strategy.

For instance, you can use the pay-per-click data to get a clear understanding, eventually leading you to carry out an organic search. This is going to save lots of time and money.

But there is no assured guarantee that AdWords will bring you a new surge of users; employing Google AdWords could be very costly. So are you willing to spend an excessive amount of money on the keywords, but what if it doesn’t attract more traffic or sale?

Using AdWords’ data to initiate an SEO strategy is an excellent way to reduce the risks by building a verifiable concept and testing ideas.

Take a look at a few tips that you should include to execute successful advertising campaigns :-

website keywords

Choose your keywords wisely.

When it comes to Display advertisements, the right keywords play a vital role; the placement of the keywords is what follows next. When you advertise based on specific keywords, you opt to display the ads on those webpages, which contain the keywords you have selected. If you choose to advertise based on placements, you choose to advertise on those particular web pages you choose.

Selecting the appropriate keywords relevant to your business is a significant part of internet marketing, and it also could be difficult. Still, Google has given a tool called Google Display planner, which serves to be appropriate for this purpose.

Avoid administering unappealing ads.

Display advertising is a visually targeted marketing campaign method; hence it becomes imperative to create ads that are attractive and click-worthy.

You can add call-to-action within your image; note that aggressive wordings of call-to-action, such as “please click here”, is not entertained by Google. Instead, you can go for a more indirect approach by including words like “learn more” and “shop now”.

call ad

Highlight the unique selling points

What is so special about your offer that would urge people to look? Why should people be interested? These are the questions that you should keep in mind, and these are closely linked with the “power words”, which you should include in the advertisement.

Split testing

Administer split testing, which is the process of testing and evaluating your campaign with an alternate set of settings. One of the ways to succeed with Google AdWords is to practice split testing. Paid campaigns have uncertainty factors because what might work today may not work the same way tomorrow.

Luck favours those who are prepared; split testing offers the opportunity to test different versions of a single ad, which will eventually lead you to create a high converting ad.


Google AdWords is a popular pay-per-click advertising system that enables businesses to create ads on Google’s search engine. The success of AdWords depends on various factors, such as keyword relevance, landing page quality.

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