Latest Google Adwords Updates


Google have launched two new bidding tools, target opt-in recommendations and target CPA simulator.

Target CPA simulator will estimate the effect to conversions if the target CPA is modified. For eg: if the target CPA is increased from $10 to $12 then it will show the net spend and will also show the number of conversions. This is estimated by taking the statistics of the performance from the last seven days assuming there are no budget restrictions.

Target opt-in recommendations will help in setting performance targets when setting a target CPA or target ROAS bid strategy to campaigns. Google will recommend these targets based on the CPA or ROAS results from the previous two weeks. It helps in maintaining historical performance while the bidding engine is optimizing for increase in conversions at the similar target.

Besides these Google has also released version 2.0 of Adwords Express for Android. Adwords Express is a tool that helps in creating ads through their smartphone. The advertisements are needed to be paid only when they are clicked. The interface has been updated so that it is more similar to the other Google applications for Android. The application will be available through Google Play.

These are some of the latest updates for Google Adwords in the recent weeks as Google tries to improve the features of the much used Google Adwords for advertising campaigns.