Everything You Need to Know About Scheduling Facebook Posts

scheduling facebook posts

In today’s online marketing sector, Scheduling Facebook Posts has been one of the most robust and practical strategies to create a strong online presence. Social Media Posting always serves an effective functional role in business expansion and online traffic generation. If you know how to schedule Facebook posts, you can save time and money, post fresh and updated contents, and reach many targeted audiences via online platforms.

If you feel confused about publishing regular contents on your company’s Facebook Page, you may wonder if there exists any way to schedule your Facebook posts in advance. In Social Media Maintenance on Facebook, the use of a social media content calendar is essential. This blog will focus on the crucial aspects and ways you need to know about scheduling Facebook posts. Adroitte.com, a Bangalore-based digital marketing services company (web development and search engine optimization), will present the things you need to know.

Facebook Posts will help your business in the following ways,

  • Save time for individual posts
  • Regular posts
  • Engage more audiences
  • Boost your social media connection
  • View the big picture of your post strategies and maintain all the social accounts on your brand regularly

Two ways to schedule Facebook posts:

  1. Native Scheduler: Use Facebook’s inbuilt post scheduler
  2. Contact third-party schedulers: You can use the third-party schedulers to schedule social media posts across online platforms.

You need a Facebook Business page to schedule posts in both ways. You are not permitted to schedule posts for personal accounts.

In this segment, we will discuss how to schedule Facebook posts. You need to have a Facebook Page. Then, you need to follow the step-by-step actions to learn scheduling your Facebook posts.

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Step 1: Write the Post

‘Click Pages’ from the left-hand side menu of your timeline, you can shift to your business Facebook page. Then, click on ‘Create Post’ and create a unique and engaging post.

Step 2: Preview the Post

Click on the ‘Placements’ section and choose from the options you want to publish your post. You can publish the post on your page. After you create the draft, you can preview your post about how it will look on mobile and desktop. You need to check whether the link previews are done correctly.

Step 3: Select the Date & Time

In case you do not want to publish the post immediately, click on the arrow next to the ‘Publish’ option at the bottom. Here, you select the date and time you want the post to be published and ‘Save’ the post.

Step 4: Schedule the Post

Finally, the time to schedule your posts appears. Click on the ‘Schedule Post’ button. Now, your post is scheduled and ready to be published according to the set time and date.

After you complete this section, you need to know how to view the scheduled Facebook Posts. You may have to edit or delete a content portion. You may even need to reschedule your Facebook post in the queue. Follow the below-mentioned steps to execute these tasks.

Step 1: Navigate to the Scheduled Posts

First, on the Business site, see all the scheduled posts.

Step 2: Select the Post you want to Edit/Delete/Reschedule

Click on the post and select the section you need to edit or delete. In case of rescheduling, you have to select the entire post.

Step 3: Click on ‘Ellipsis” to View the Edit Options

Under “Ellipsis”, you will see various options like Edit Post, Duplicate Post, Delete Post and Reschedule Post and choose the option accordingly.

Step 4: Edit and Save the Edited Content

After you make the changes, ‘Save’ the post.

Yes! The process is that easy!

Apart from these, you can practice some of the most effective tips in scheduling Facebook posts.

  • Keep the focus on the content and the use of keywords. Scheduling Facebook posts will help you to maintain your brand guidelines.
  • Choose the best time and date to publish your post. The more people see your Facebook posts, the more you will generate online traffic.
  • Sometimes give a break to the Facebook Posts. Try to track the engagement and analysis of your audience.

The blog has talked of the things you must know to schedule a Facebook post. If you have further queries, consult our expert Adroitte.com team.

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