Important Elements That Are Must in Website Wireframes to Be SEO Compliant

Website Wireframes

What is a Website Wireframe?

Wireframe design is a process where a preliminary visual guide of an upcoming website’s framework is created. Later, the document also serves as a blueprint of the web design company. Customized website development is a multiphase process. The website wireframe includes the initial stages of the design phase. In brief, the wireframe is the skeleton of a design.

The main motto of wireframe design is to create a schematic for presenting the information, prioritizing the information to the visitors, how the elements related to the website will be implemented, and the expected reaction of the website visitors.

Once the wireframe layout is ready, designers add the other essential elements to make an attractive web page. Wireframes help to build relationships among various templates of a website.

The blog will talk about the wireframe and the significant elements focusing on the SEO-friendly website.

The Importance of Wireframes

Wireframes serve multiple purposes,

  • Connect the site’s information architecture to the site’s visual design
  • Create consistent ways to show different categories of information on the UI (User Interfaces)
  • Determine the expected functionality in the interface
  • Specify the content through the determination of how much space to be allotted and where to located the given item

Types of Wireframes

Wireframes can differ from one another based on their sketch types and the number of details they convey. Usually, wireframes are divided into two categories based on production and functionality.

  1. High-fidelity Wireframes

High-fidelity wireframes are apt for documentation as they carry more detail. These wireframes include the information regarding particular items on the page, etc.

  1. Low-fidelity Wireframes

Low-fidelity Wireframes help to facilitate project team communication. These wireframes are fast to develop. Unlike high-fidelity wireframes, these wireframes are more abstract due to the use of images and texts.

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Create Website Wireframe

Wireframes are not much valuable in the planning stages as they only allow the highly functional aspects of a project to be tested before any development. Wireframes are often used to convey the recommendation for an on-page SEO to clients and web designers. In the case of an SEO Optimized Website, the must implemented elements are,

 Identification of the key function and number of each page

It can be in sales, services or information. This identification process is vital as it will influence the efforts in the following steps.

Keyword Analysis

The main motto is to research and recognize the high search volume keywords relevant to the page contents. The developers need to keep in mind that the research uses the keywords in internal wireframe, path names and Meta tags.

Optimization of the promotional on-page copy

Use the clients’ content and optimize the copy to add relevance to them using keywords that are now interlinked in the wireframe of the website – title, Meta description and paths.

 Important Elements in a Website Wireframe

The skeleton on the website can be divided into three elements – information design, navigation design and interface design.

  • Information Design: The Information Design takes care of the presentation and prioritization of information in a more understandable manner. Information design also refers to the user experience design, which shows the data effectively. Information design reflects the goals and activities of the user.
  • Navigation Design: The navigation system offers a set of elements to allow the user to move from one page to another on a website. The design communicates between the links to make the users understand the options that are there for navigation. There might be multiple navigation systems in a website like local navigation, global navigation, supplementary navigation, courtesy navigation, etc.
  • Interface Design: Interface design includes the selection and arrangement of the elements to allow the user to connect to the system’s functionality. The main motto is to utilize efficiency to the fullest.

Most of the features mentioned above come under Search Engine Optimization services in a website, especially navigation. As we all know, Website development and design are essential digital services, and search engine optimization is an integral section of this system.

Final Words,

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