How to Increase Organic Traffic for your Website

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In this digitalized era, most business companies and brand worldwide have chosen the online platform to attract more potential buyers and enhance the online traffic and leads. Doubtlessly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to boost organic traffic for a website. The more you rank higher on Google, the higher your organic traffic generation will be. Adroitte is a Bangalore-based, award-winning and certified internet marketing experts that takes care of web development and search engine optimization services. We do not limit our services only to website development, but we also focus on the website traffic to strengthen the marketers’ online presence.

Important Tips to Increase Organic Traffic for your Website

Every company needs a robust digital marketing plan to secure a leading position in the industry. This blog will discuss tips and strategies on how to increase organic traffic for your website. If you are concerned about your website’s organic traffic, this blog will surely help you.

  • Topics with Search Engine Potentials: Google Search Engine Ranking is the more powerful and consistent way to generate organic traffic. You need to write on the topics customers search for online. You should use relevant keywords and phrases in your content. You can filter the keywords based on two parameters- search volume and keyword difficulty. Thorough research will give you an idea about keywords with high business value. Finally, organic traffic is the ultimate metric. You can use Content Explorer ‘hack’ to know the low-hanging content ideas. Referring domains and organic traffic filter will offer you relevant page to generate high organic traffic.
  • Write Guest Posts: The importance of Guest Posts is still underrated. In Guest Posts, you write for other blogs and the site owner allows you to link back to your website. This way, you will achieve more online traffic, more backlinks and brand awareness. You must remember one thing you should limit yourself to the sites that demand only “write for us”. You can use Content Explorer to find a website that has written on a particular topic before, and they might get interested again in a guest post on a similar issue.
  • Promote your Content on Online Communities: Your targeted audience hangs out on the website of the relevant communities. You can find the communities on Facebook, Slack, Forums, etc. The comments and feedbacks of the audience will help you to work on the content. You need to build a strong bond with the community members and the group admins. Thus, they will be inclined to respond well when you approach them to promote your services on their platform.
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  • Collaborate with other Renowned Brands: There exist many non-competing brands working for the same targeted audience. So, why not collaborate with them and cross-promote the audience? This is really an effective way to increase website traffic. You can solve different problems with audiences together. In the end, the technique helps you to gain a completely new user base in an ethical way.
  • Rank Videos on YouTube: Google Search is highly competitive when you deal with specific key phrases. In YouTube SEO, every company access the same opportunity to entertain and rank. This healthy business approach encourages web marketers to work hard. You need to use the relevant content with the correct use of keywords to satisfy the audience. You must follow the subsequent steps of research, identify search intent, create a high-engagement video, on-page video optimization, respectively, and finally, comes promotion.
  • Update and Upgrade the Content: Often, Google ranking drops due to the contents that become backdated. You need to update the contents based on the relevant keywords and current customer demand. You may have to rewrite some articles completely afresh to engage the customers.
  • Communicate with the Audience: You can conduct question-answer sessions for your website. First, you need to find the relevant questions. Thousands of people ask questions daily. According to Pareto’s Principle, 20% of these questions can generate more organic traffic for the website. Then, you have to answer the questions in an understanding and convincing manner. You need to provide relevant answers, use storytelling processes, include images to make them interested in your services and generate conversion.

The blog has presented a few practical strategies to increase your organic traffic.  For further queries you can consult the expert teams of Adroitte.

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