How SEO can be Optimized for Voice Search Option in Phone


Voice Search came as a lightweight option in the search industry. Now, Voice Search has become one of the essential tools in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry in this fast-moving era. Voice search takes very little time to find your targeted product or service. Today’s world experiences a revolution in SEO for voice search option in phone.

Optimizing SEO for Voice Search Option in Phone

Voice search is fast, handy and convenient for users of different ages. Especially during this pandemic situation created by COVID-19, people have inclined towards voice search to avoid hand touch.

This blog will talk about Optimizing SEO for Voice Search Option in Phone and its uniqueness and benefits.

It is crucial to optimize your voice search options to generate more traffic and leads. Let us have a look at how to optimize Voice Search Optimization in SEO on your mobile phone. It may be a bit different from the standard SEO strategy.

  • Understand your Customer Demand & Device Functionality

As a marketer, you need to understand the consumers’ behaviour like voice search algorithms also use information, location and other data to understand the search motive. Proper research will help you know how people use voice search differently.

  • Apply Conversational Keywords

You need to focus more on conversational long-tailed keywords to make the search process successful for the consumers. You must work on the keyword section to optimize the voice search on the phone.

  • Use Schema to Upgrade your Content

Know about Schema and use schema to enhance your content quality. The schema will tell the search engines about your site. Schema is an HTM add-on that helps the search engine to understand your content. Thus, you will rank better in voice search options.

Schema helps Google understand language, so you can use this tool to add more information to the website.

According to research based on Schema deployment, the schema is very lucrative and profitable to use.

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  • Create User-based Content

You need to incorporate brevity and relevance to optimize your voice search. You have to provide either to-the-point or explanatory answers to the given questions. In this context, if your content answers the users’ questions, the problem gets solved. You can follow a simple strategy here,

  • Create a webpage with some common questions.
  • Provide answers to the questions.
  • Offer other details on the topic.

You can optimize the voice search through the keywords used in the questions and answers of the content.

  • Build Pages with FAQs

Voice Searchers mostly ask questions that begin with ‘WH’ words. They search for an immediate answer. You can create a FAQ page to meet their queries and begin your questions with these ‘WH’ words. The users will get conversational answers that sound appealing.

  • Think Local

We are talking of a world where most people work on mobile. As a marketer, you should remember that mobile and local are interlinked, even in the context of voice search. SEO for Voice Search in Phone offers the users more local information.

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